Chapter 24

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"There's a new truck near the house and we need to check it out before Ava, you and the baby come." She nodded as a tear rolled down her cheek. She got down on the floor between the front and backseat and held Neil as she covered herself. Blake looked back,
"Stay here."
"No my best friend is in the house. So is Liv. One of them might be hurt. I am going with." With that I grabbed a gun and quietly got out of the car, the boys behind me.  Blake shook his head,
"This isn't a good idea." He said and I shook my head.
"I don't care. I need to get there." I got down in a crouch and ran towards the house. I got to the door and stayed down while I waited for the boys to catch up. After about thirty seconds they were behind me. I looked at them and with no warning I opened the door. The door is pretty quiet so they didn't hear it open. As soon as it opened I screamed. Nova was laying in the middle of the floor, bleeding from her stomach. There were two men standing over her and I raised my gun, they turned right as I pulled the trigger. One of them fell to the ground, while the other charged for me. Blake and Landon didn't have guns and met him at the door. It took them both to bring him to the ground. When they finally got him down I yelled,
"WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!" He just laughed.
"WHAT DID YOU DO TO THEM?" I screamed again. Again he just laughed. I pulled my gun again. "Tell me what happened or you'll end up like your friend." I said my voice void of emotion.
"We saw a pretty girl walking alone and decided to have a chat." He responded with another laugh. I watched Landons face go from sad to anger as he punched him several times in the face. Blake tried to hold Landon off so I could figure out what happened but it was no use. I ran past them and straight to Nova, I checked her breathing and her pulse, both were very faint but they were there. I looked at her shirt, which was stained with blood, I pulled it up and say more cuts and bruises than I expected to see. Some cuts where much deeper than the others. I looked at her arms and saw more cuts there as well. Then I lost her pulse. I started chest compressions.
"BLAKE END WHATEVER YOU TWO ARE DOING. I NEED THE MEDICAL SUPPLIES AND HELP." I screamed. I then did something I had only seen in shows and movies, I hit her hard where her heart was and much to my surprise I felt her pulse. Then I took my shirt off to make a tourniquet to put around her arm. I put my hands over the deepest cut on her stomach to stop the bleeding, or at least try to. I started silently pleading, praying, hoping I'd be able to save her. Three minutes later they were at my side. "Stitches,peroxide." I told them and they handed them to me. I cleaned the cut as well as I could and had the boys do the rest while I did stitches. The cut had missed everything important but there was a lot of blood. I took the small cauterizing pen and did my best to cauterize the wound. I stitched it and hoped it would be okay as I went to do her arms.
"Sky what else do you need us to do?" Landon asked, his voice shaking.
"I need Blake to get Ava, I need you to find Olivia." I replied. They nodded and left. I looked at the marks on her arm. None were  life threateningly deep, however the two that were deeper than the others I stitched. I went back to her stomach and grabbed gauze and tape to fix the remaining cuts that were smaller. I checked her thoroughly for any more cuts or wound. I didn't find any more that would be dangerous. I put a small piece of medical tape that I cut into strips to stop a small cut on her eyebrow and a slightly larger cut on her cheek from bleeding. I must have been working on her for an hour before I thought that she was safe to move. I would need to do a blood transfusion and luckily she was a universal recipient so Blake, Landon, or I could give her blood. We had needles big enough to do a transfusion but we didn't have the bags so we would have to make something work. I stood up and noticed Blake Ava and the baby on the couch. Blake and Ava were both crying and when they looked at me they were wide eyed. I looked down and noticed I was soaked in blood, then I noticed how bloody the floor was. I stood frozen in place, in shock and fear. I was covered in my best friends blood, and I didn't know if she was going to make it. I ran to my bedroom and stripped as fast as I could. I threw all my clothes in the farthest corner from me and grabbed the first shirt and pants I saw. I walked back out with my arms still covered in blood and I saw Landon in Livs room. I ignored the two on the couch and went straight in. I saw Liv hiding in the closet under the clutter. She saw me and ran right toward me and hugged me. I got down and she crawled onto my lap and sobbed.
     "Sweetie, the men are gone, and I fixed Nova up."
"S-s-sky they came in and threw her against a walk and tried to get her to do things she didn't want to, they cut her up and beat her up. I only saw because I was scared to move. She kept them from getting me."
"Did they do anything to you?" I asked as I started to cry. She continued to cry but shook her head. I looked at Landon. He had his head in his hands and was crying silently. I moved over closer to him with Liv on my lap and he wrapped his arm around us. We stayed like that for a little while before Liv asked with a sniffle,
"Where's Ava?" I pointed to the living room and she walked out.
"Landon, she's going to be okay."
"We don't know that. I know how hard you tried but those monsters raped her and then beat her."
"I know. She's strong. We just need to believe she'll pull through." I said and he nodded as he cried. "Why don't you bring her to her room and talk to her?" 
"Anything and everything." He nodded and walked out. I followed and sat in the living room. I sat next to Blake and Neil as Ava and Liv sat in the corner and cried. I leaned against Blake and cried, and cried. I don't remember falling asleep but I must have since the next thing I know Landon was shaking me awake.

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