Chapter 33

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I got back to the house and was bombarded with questions by everyone. Blake hadn't gotten the chance to tell them what was going on and I wasn't allowed visitors.

"If you guys go to the living room I will explain it." I said and everyone went to the living room and sat down. Luke and Landon sat on one couch and then Blake sat with Neil and the girls on the other. "Okay so basically, I had a c-section to take out the baby because the umbilical cord was wrapped around the neck and was putting us both in danger. She could have turned inside of me and cause me to turn as well. Currently we are both fine, I'm on light work for two months while I heal, and she is in incubation until she fully develops." I said. The room was silent for a few minutes.

"So is she going to be okay?" Landon asked. I nodded,

"She should be. She just needs to stay at the nursing station for a while."

"What'd you name her?" Liv asked.

"Mia Rose Parker, Parker is Blake and Luke's last name."

"Why not your last name?" Liv asked.

"I liked Parker better than Peirce."

"Sky, Mia Rose Peirce sounds way better." Blake said.

"But she already has my middle name." I argued. "It's staying Parker."

"Fair enough." Blake said. We spent the rest of the day talking and playing games. Turns out that they all got yesterday and today off since I was gone. I told them about the job I would be doing until I could go out on runs and what I might be when I start going on runs and Landon laughed.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

"Um you being a secretary.You don't sit enough to do that."

"Well these next two months are full of it, and it's going to be awful."

"Poor thing." Landon replied.

"Yea yea. What time is it? I lost my watch." I asked.

"11:35." Luke said looking at the watch with a smile.

"Is that my- it is. Gimme." I said looking at Luke who laughed and tossed it over to me.

"It fell off when you took off." He responded and I nodded.

"Sky can we go explore?" Liv asked.

"Sure, but we have to walk slow because I'm really sore. Anyone else wanna come?" I asked. Ava nodded and went to grab her shoes. It was almost December so we all grabbed coats and left. We went to the dining room first to get something to eat then we went to the farm area. Tom was over there talking to a rather tall man. I am around 5'6 and Tom stood taller than me by at least six inches and this man towered over him. We walked up and Tom turned just before I could speak.

"Sky, Liv and..." he paused for a moment, "Ava nice to see you all today. This is my brother Derrick." I reached my hand out and shook Derricks hand.

"Nice to meet you Derrick."

"You too Sky."

"So what do you do here?"

"I farm the fruit and vegetables."

"Mind if we join you for the afternoon. I can't do much until the end of February."

"Sure I'd love the company." He replied and I looked at the girls who nodded and started to follow him and Tom to the field. We spent the day talking to Tom and Derrick and finding out more about the settlement and picking the vegetables that still were available. Well the girls picked them, I put them into the bucket.

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