Chapter 51

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We got back and unloaded the car. Gavin got out last and followed behind Landon.

"Hey you're back. Did you enjoy getting out?" Jane asked standing up.

"Surprisingly yes. We found a lone man." I said as the four boys came up behind me.

"This is Gavin and we were wondering if he would be able to stay with you two. If not we will get him set up in his own house." Landon said to Jane and Edna. They looked at each other then to Gavin.

"Of course." Edna replied. "I'm Edna, this is my sister Jane." She said motioning to herself then to her sister. We did brief introductions then we began unpacking the car. About an hour later the boys had run off to work on the animal fence. I playing with Neil and talked to Jane and Edna while the kids went on a walk.

"So who is he?" Jane asked.

"He looks very familiar." Edna added.

"I don't know. We found him outside on of the stores we stopped at." I stated before adding, "he doesn't have to stay with you there are plenty of houses in this place."

"No no it's fine I was just wondering who he is." Jane said. I nodded and went to put Neil down for his nap. I did a few push-ups then took Duke for a quick run. When I got home Neil was up so I grabbed some food for him and brought him downstairs. I cleaned up the house as he ate. The house was getting very cluttered with everyone's belongings all over the place again. I spent the next two hours bringing everything to everyone's things to their room, organizing the bookshelf and games and putting the toys in the toy box.

"Sky!" Ava yelled as she walked through the door.

"What's going on?" I said slight panic in my voice.

"There's a hole in the fence. Not very big but big enough that a small adult could fit through." Ava said. I looked at her then to Jordan before standing.

"Jordan and Parker come with me. We are going to fix the fence and do a very thorough run through of the town." I said checking to make sure that my gun was loaded.

"Why can't I go?" Ava asked.

"I plan on splitting up and it's only been about a month and your shoulder should not be used to fire a gun or take someone down right now. We do not alarm the boys unless necessary." I said handing a small handgun to Jordan and Parker grabbing a rope we had found in one of the houses a couple weeks ago before heading to the fence. It wasn't very large as Ava had said but it was big enough for someone who's my size which was around 5'6 and 130 pounds or at least that was me before the apocalypse. I noticed some blood on one of the wires. It was a chain link fence until we could get something stronger and and looked as though someone has cut it with bolt cutters.

"Sky there's something black over there." Jordan pointed to a long object just outside the fence. I picked it up and sure enough there was bolt cutters. I carried them back to the two boys,

"Parker can you carry this?" I said handing it to him. Someone was in here and we needed to find out who. "Run it back to the house and stay there. Jordan we need to get the boys." I quickly took out the rope and weaved it between the links surrounding the hole before Jordan and I took off to the boys.

"Someone cut through part of the fence." I panted.

"What?" Blake said dropping the piece of fence him and Landon were carrying causing Landon to lose his balance and fall flat on his back.

"Someone used bolt cutters to cut through the fence. They're inside the fence. We need to move." Jordan said as he took off to look for the person who got in. All three of the boys must have understood because Landon and Blake had brought out their guns and Gavin had grabbed a screwdriver.

"We split up. Every house and every yard and every road in this place needs to be checked until we find out who is here." I said as I ran in the other direction. I checked the road next to where we were building the fence. I saw Jordan but he was at the other side. I thought I saw his mouth move but I couldn't hear him. That's when there was a gunshot and everything went black.

Bonus chapter since I'm off school tomorrow. Hope you enjoy:)

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