Chapter 8

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I woke up first the next morning. I was feeling slightly restless. I looked at the battery powered clock 6:30 am. I kissed Blakes cheek and went to grab Duke and his leash. Before the outbreak I jogged everyday, so I decided Duke could go out with me since I liked having company. I quietly slipped downstairs and out of the house and we did a quick jog around the yard. We came back at around 7:30 to find everyone still sleeping, I let the puppy run around the house while I filled his food and water bowl and called him. I hadn't figured out what breed he was. I was thinking either a German Shepard or Newfoundland, considering he was fluffy and solid black. I went back to the kitchen and grabbed a water and a granola bar before going back upstairs and continuing my book. At around 8 Blake rolled over.

"Goodmorning." He said with a yawn in his incredibly deep morning voice.

"Goodmorning. How'd you sleep?"

"I slept better knowing you were safe." I blushed,

"Awe that's so sweet." He chuckled.

"How'd you sleep."

"Pretty good." I tossed him the granola bar and it hit him in the face so he could eat something.

"Thanks." The only reason we all could sleep at the same time was because even the slightest creak in the floor would wake me up. Needless to say, I don't sleep much and I'm totally okay with that. At about  8:30 I heard the other two head downstairs. We headed down as well.

"Goodmorning people." I said and they smiled, rubbing the sleep out of their eyes.
"Blake and I are gonna head out now, I don't know what you two are doing today but have fun." I had my backpack on and Blake had emptied his.

"Be safe. See you around 4." Nova said. I nodded, grabbed the keys and we headed out.

"Where's the nearest store?" Blake asked since he was the one driving.

"About thirty miles up and the bookstore is ten miles from there. However there is a Walmart in the same general area if you wanna go there instead, they have cases of water and they sell food and we can get some clothes."

"Perfect. Let's go there. We could get toothpaste too." I nodded in agreement.

"Do you mind if I take a nap. I have some cd's under my seat if you want some music."

"Sure go for it but hand me those cd's." I gave them to him and reclined my seat.

"Wake me up in thirty." He nodded as I drifted into a dreamless sleep. Thirty minutes later He shook me awake.

"Hello sleeping beauty." I laughed,

"Hello. So when we get to Walmart we each have our knives and I have my gun, we each grab a cart and we do not get separated, we head to food, then medical supplies, then personal hygiene."

"Sounds like a plan. If this is the walmart I'm thinking of it sells BB guns."

"Great we'll go there last. They also have a camping section the we can get a machete from as well as other things we need."

"I'm assuming we're going in and out multiple time." I nodded,

"Yep you got you flashlight?" I asked as he pulled up right to the doors.

"Yes but I see no need, they have generators so there's still lights."

"Fair enough. Do you think they have gas cans? We can hit the gas station on the way back."

"Probably, it is Walmart."

"Perfect. You know the plan. Lets go." We grabbed a cart each and quickly checked the store. There was two zombies in total, and they were normal ones so it was easy enough to stab them in the head. We weren't concerned with taking off their head right now because stabbing them seemed to keep them down for long enough.

"Great the stores clear let's head to the food." Blake said and I nodded. We filled both carts with cereal, canned foods, boxes of pasta, some sauce, and even some sweets. After both carts were full we put everything in the bed and went back to get another two carts full of food. We emptied it into the truck and headed to get medication, we grabbed ace bandages, band aids, something that said it would numb the wound, neosporin, and some ice packs that were the break for cool. That only filled one cart and we headed to hygiene. We grabbed many boxes of anything that looked important and toothpaste. We got some deodorant, soaps, and a couple new hair brushes. That  filled the rest of my cart and we headed towards toys and games. We also filled the carts with things for Duke. Then we grabbed ten more games, and then went to clothes. Landon was a size bigger than Blake but Nova and I are around the same size. We grabbed about five different things for each person. We went to grab some bins so we didn't have to keep our clothes in our bags. We ended up grabbing the organizer with wheels, for each person, for their clothes. They would fit in the backseat.. We headed out and loaded everything into the car. We put everything in the organizer that we could and the rest in the backseat so nothing would fly out. We ran back in for some gas cans and to check the camping section. Sadly we were mistaken and there were no BB guns. We filled ten of the twelve bin drawers before heading to the bookstore. There were no zombies in the store thank god, we grabbed a cart and went around looking for interesting books. We got alot of novels, the harry potter series, twelve stephen king books, and some other books that looked interesting. We were at walmart for about three hours and here for an hour. We put everything back in the truck and headed to the gas station. Blake filled the six cans and the truck while I ran inside and stuffed my bag with chips and some of everyone's favorite snacks. There was one zombie that was easy enough to take out and I headed back to the truck. I looked at the clock, 1 pm. We decided to head back early and got back at two. We walked in and found them playing with the puppy.

"Hey guys. We're back, we got alot. Food, clothes, medicine, personal hygiene things and even some bins for everyone. We got an organizer for each person." It took about two hours as the boys brought stuff in and Nova and I organized it. After the boys had brought everything in they help us organize it. We finished around 4:30 and sat down for a snack. We each grabbed a couple oreos as we played clue. We made dinner at 6. Tonight we had pasta. We finished eating around 7 and decided to read some for awhile. After a few chapters everyone wanted to do something else so we played one of the new games we got. We went to our separate rooms after that. Nova and Landon were extremely tired so they went to bed right away but Blake and I were still wide awake.

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