Chapter 23

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I climbed into the backseat with Neil. Ava looked back and looked shocked.
"Who's that? Why do you have him? When did you get him?" Ava asked as she started firing questions at us while Landon started driving towards home. It was about 8 pm so we wouldn't be home till about midnight.
"Slow down with the questions Ava." I said adjusting Neil. "This is Neil, remember the gunshots and screams? That was his parents. His mother asked us to take him since she got bit." I finished looking at Blake.
"So now there's gonna be two babies in the house?" She asked and I nodded.
"Yep. But, he'll be almost one by the time that my baby is born." She nodded and stayed quiet while she processed what just happened. I leaned to Blake and whispered, "We might need to move, with two new additions to the family." He nodded,
"We'll have a discussion tomorrow morning or night, there is a basement, I believe."
"There's a basement?" I asked confused, there was one door in the kitchen I had never opened but I assumed it had food or something in it. I leaned forward, "Landon, do we have a basement?" He shrugged,
"Technically no. It's just a storage room."
"But could we make it livable for either the girls or the babies, or one of us?"
"Probably. It's a decent sized room, and it's the door, next to the pantry. It'll take weeks to finish it properly, and connect heating to it."
"We have plenty of time, Neils gonna stay in my room until the rooms done, and the baby will probably be in our room for a little as well."
"Alright well within the next week or two, we'll go on a run, and get supplies for Neil and whatever you decide to name your baby. And obviously the new room." I nodded and then Ava spoke,
"So we're getting a new room?"
"Yes." I responded. I looked at Blake, "You have an empty draw in your dresser right?"
"So we can use that as a crib for the time being."
"Yea. We can. But how?" Blake asked confused.
"We put blankets on the side and the bottom and bam makeshift crib for a couple weeks."
"Makes sense." The rest of the ride was full of baby talk and the possibility of moving to a larger building, that we could make secure. We got home to a new car across the street and the lights in the house all on. I looked to the boys then to Ava.
"Landon. Stop the car here, turn off the headlights." I said urgently handing Ava the baby. He did as I said and didn't question. I turned to Ava, "Ava I'm going to leave you a gun. I need you to take my sweatshirt and cover yourself and Neil on the floor between the two seats." I handed her my gun and I saw the fear in her eyes.
"Sky what's going on?"

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