Chapter 45

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The next few days I spend making sure Lukes wound was clean and he was healing properly while Landon and Blake worked on the car. After about a week Luke was on his feet and the car was completely solar powered. The only downfall was the car would move slower. Tomorrow the boys were planning on making a run to a gun store and a Walmart to get clothes for the kids who were starting to outgrow the ones they had and some more things to keep us entertained as well as things for the dog, cow, horses, and chicken. They also planned on going to a few Home Depots or similar stores to that to get tools, and fencing materials. They were planning a two to two and a half day trip. I was packing their backpack full of water and enough food for two days when Luke popped up behind me.

"Sky. My arms starting to hurt. Could you take a look?" He asked taking off his shirt. We finally had heat and some power so we were able to take a very short shower since we were all filthy.

"Sure." I said grabbing his arm and putting pressure on various parts around it. He winced a little. "I'm going to take the stitches out and see how it's healing. I may need to put new ones in if it's still completely open." I said and he nodded sitting at the table. I grabbed a pair of scissors and opened up his stitches.

"How's it look doc?" He asked with a grin.

"Pretty good considering. I'm going to put some peroxide in it to clean it then re stitch it. It's gonna hurt like a bitch." I replied.

"Whatever you have to do. I can't lose this arm." He said his tone more serious. I grabbed a towel and poured the peroxide onto it then dabbed it onto the open hole. He winced slightly then I got out the suture kit. It took about 10 minutes to do because he wasn't numb but after I put a piece of gauze onto it and wrapped it with the ace bandage.

"Should be healed by the end of March." I said looking at the calendar we were using to keep dates. It was the beginning of February so it would take over a month to heal.

"Alright. Should I do anything to keep the strength up?" He asked.

"Honestly no idea. I would squeeze something every few hours for a couple minutes. And in maybe two weeks start doing a few pushups every day." I suggested.

"Cool. Now I'm going to go take a nap." He said and went upstairs. I went into the living room and the kids were there with Blake and Landon but Kelly wasn't.

"When will you two be leaving?" I asked the boys.

"We were actually waiting for you." Blake said coming over to me. He picked me up and hugged me tight. "I love you so much Skylar Pierce." He started before he put me down he took off the chain he always wore. "I want you to have this incase I don't make it back." He said putting it in my hand. I shook my head and tried to give it back.

"What are you talking about if you don't make it back. You will both make it back safely." I said, giving him a quick kiss. He put it back in my hand. "I love you Blake. I'll see you when you get back." He gave me a quick hug and went out the door. I gave Landon a quick hug and they left. I put the necklace on. The rest of the day I spent playing with Neil. Around three Ava came over,

"Can the four of us go on a walk?" She asked. I nodded and handed her my gun.

"Be careful. And be back before it gets dark." I said and they left. I rolled the ball back and forth with Neil before he said,


"Are you hungry?" I asked him  and he nodded. I went to the kitchen with him wobbling behind me and grabbed a can of carrots. I quickly heated up some of them on the electric stove and put them in a bowl for him. I carried it to the living room and he ate while I wrote in my notebook that I had been neglecting. About twenty minutes later Neil was done. I decided that he needed a nap during the day so he wasn't cranky so I picked him up and put him in his crib. I read him a story and he laid down. I walked out of the room and I heard Luke and Kelly giggling. I smiled to myself and walked to the downstairs bathroom where there was a full length mirror. I lifted my shirt and noticed that I still had most of my pregnancy weight which was about ten extra pounds. I also noticed my hair had grown down to almost my butt. I grabbed the scissors and cut my hair to my shoulders. I don't think it looked terrible. I threw my short black hair into a ponytail and went into the living room. I worked out a little with some cardio and crunches. The kids came back around five.

"Hey guys. Do you want dinner?" I called.

"Yes please." Liv responded. I got off the couch and grabbed some of the deer out of the fridge. The kids did ask about my hair which I was surprised about. The next day went the same. We woke up ate something played a game, Neil went down for his nap, the kids went outside for a couple hours and I worked out then made dinner and we all relaxed for the rest of the night. I also cut all their hair so it was easier to maintain. Blake and Landon came back the day after with worry in their eyes.

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