Chapter 17

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The morning was like every other, I ate, went on a run with the dog, then came back inside to read or write until everyone woke up. The girls came out around 8 and I made them their eggs.
"Can you teach me to ride the horse?" Liv asked through a yawn.
"Sure, do you wanna work on your school things and wake up a little?" She nodded and we did a couple math worksheets. We went to get dressed and ten minutes later I was helping her onto Majesty. Rebel, was running around the field, trying to play with the cows and the goats. I led Majesty to the gate with Liv on her and shut the gate behind us. I pulled myself up and held Livs hand on the bridle. We walked to the road, then Majesty sped up a little. Liv wasn't expecting it and slid back onto me. She laughed,
"Faster." I sped Majesty up into a trot. Liv smiled and we rode in silence, looking around. There were abandoned cars with things spilling out of the trunks. I had grabbed my gun and backpack out of habit. We had gone a different way than I had yesterday so I hadn't seen them. I jumped off the horse,
"Stay up there just in case." She nodded. I searched the open trunk and found a small bag of sweets, chocolate, candy, chips, and more stuff like that. I moved it quickly into my bag, hoping Liv hadn't seen it. I looked up and that's when I saw it the glowing red eyes sprinting towards me I ran to the horse, and forced her into a gallop. I looked over my shoulder. It was maybe thirty feet from us, and quickly gaining. I pressed her onwards and hoped to god that I would be able to do this. I held the bridle and told Liv to hold her mane. I turned around and it was an arms length away. I pulled my gun and put two rounds in it's head, before it dropped. We didn't stop until we were in the backyard of the house. I jumped off and quickly put the horse away, helping Liv down. I tried to put her down but she had no intention of letting go. I held her tight trying to reassure her that it'd be ok. I could feel her tears soaking my shoulder. I walked into the house and looked over at the clock, 9:30, we hadn't even been gone for two hours. I went to the couch and Blakes head popped up. His eyes widened in concern when he saw Liv burying her face into me. I went and sat down next to him and he draped his arm over my shoulders. Ava had looked up from her book and moved from the chair to the spot next to me.
"What happened." Ava asked, there was something in her voice, but I didn't know what it was.
"We were out on the ride as you know and I left Liv on the horse, while I went to search through an open trunk, I looked up just in time to see a swift heading straight for us. I got on the horse as fast as I could and got her moving as fast as I could." I started.
"T-then it chased us and almost got the horse but Sky got him. She saved the three of us." Liv said through sniffles. Ava looked over and gave me a hug before turning her attention to her sister. She rubbed her back trying to reassure her that she's ok. After a minute Blake says,
"See I knew you were a badass." I smiled
"Mhm." He kissed my temple and pulled the three of us into  a bear hug. Around 10 Nova and Landon had come out of their room for breakfast, Nova was very pale and looked clammy, I moved Liv off my lap and onto Blakes. She was asleep and I didn't want to wake her. I walked over to Nova, then looked at Landon. He didn't look to good either.
"You guys look like shit, whats wrong?" I asked feeling their foreheads.
"Everything hurts and I don't think I can eat anything. Maybe I could make bread." Nova said.
"Yea I have a killer headache and my stomachs turning."
"Alright, you probably, just have some kind of flu, let me give you some advil, and water. Why don't you two go lay down." They nodded. I went and grabbed two water bottles, two little packs of pretzels, two cold wash cloths and two advil for each of them. I put some more washcloths in the freezer and wanted to let them sit so whenever I checked on them I could replace the washcloth. I only had four bottles of advil in total and we needed to make it last until, we needed to get inside a pharmacy or a small patient first center. I handed them their stuff and tried to stay and chat for a bit but they wanted me to leave so I wouldn't get whatever they had. I left, shutting the door behind me and saw Liv and Ava coloring in the corner. I went over to the bookshelf and grabbed a book that looked interesting. I sat on the couch and layed on Blake opening my book. I tried to read but I just couldn't get into it. I gave up after the first chapter. I looked at Blake,
"I need to do something to get my mind off of the two sick people in the house that might be-" He cut me off.
"Be quiet. Don't let the girls hear that." He said in an extremely low voice.
"Fine. I'm going try to get a deer, and try to behead the runner.
"You aren't going alone." He said as I stood up and grabbing the gun from the closet that it was kept in. I grabbed my backpack and started walking to the door,
"Just watch me." With that I walked out the door and to Majesty, I wanted to ride her but she had run so much just a few hours ago, I grabbed a handful of hay from next to the gate and gave her and Rebel some. I stroked their noses
"You did good today girl. You saved us both." I said rubbing her nose as I put my head on hers. I heard the door open and after a moment Blake was beside me.
"Hey. You aren't going alone."
"Yes I am going alone." I said picking my head up, "then tomorrow I'm going on a run to the nearest patient care facility to get medication, and serious supplies for serious injuries."
"Fuck no Skylar."
"You can't stop me Blake." I said looking up at him.
"I'm going with you, Landon can too, he isn't as sick as Nova and the girls can just stay in their room, the nearest center is maybe 20 miles away. It's at an intersection that has the grocery store, and a few other stores, that I can't remember. I will talk to Landon while you're gone and see what else we need. Does that work. Is that a compromise." He asked looking into my eyes. I nodded,
"Fine. I'll be back in an hour or two ok?"
"Ok. I'll see you soon." He said and I nodded once again. He walked towards the house and I headed towards the woods. I was walking for about thirty minutes before I saw it, the doe. She hadn't noticed me since I was downwind. I moved my gun up as quietly as I could, her ears twitched and I had just enough time to squat down so she didn't see me, I lined up my shot, in what I think is the chest area and pulled the trigger. She made a noise and fell to the ground. I went over and grabbed her back two hooves, I decided just me be safe I'd drag her back but in a fast jog. I was thirty minutes out and I got back in fifteen at the pace that I was going. I didn't run into any trouble which surprised me. I left the deer outside and decided to let Blake skin it, and gut it or whatever you do to a deer.
"I'm back but I'm gonna hop in the shower real quick." The girls looked at me and smiled. Blake did the same. I went to my room to grab my towel, a tank top,and some new shorts. We would have to do laundry when the boys hooked up more solar panels, or we could go to the lake and hand wash it. I walked into the bathroom and put my things on the toilet. I stepped in and turned on water that wasn't hot but it wasn't freezing, I'd call it lukewarm. After maybe a minute I heard the bathroom door open and thirty seconds later Blake was in the shower with me I was confused at first because this was the first time it had happened but I didn't question it.
"There's a deer for you to sk-" before I had a chance to respond his lips were on mine. We made out for a few minutes and then he had me against the wall. There was lust, passion and love all at once. We were in the shower for maybe fifteen minutes before getting out.
"Sooo what were you saying before?" he asked, while we dried off. I blushed,
"Well there's a deer outside, and I don't know what to do with it."
"And you think I do?"
"Well how hard can it be?" I asked and he laughed,
"I know how, I'm just fucking with you." I winked,
"I mean you just did." He laughed and we got dressed laughing. We walked out into the living room, my long black hair, soaking my shirt. I planned on cutting it soon, well Blake could cut it. All he needed to do was go in a straight line. I looked at the clock
"Girls do you want lunch?" They both shook their head. I went over to my backpack and retrieved two chocolate bars. I held them up,     
"How about these?" They looked over,
"Yes please." They both responded eagerly. I handed it to them and sat on the couch with a notebook. I planned on making a list of things we needed. I started simple, advil, ace wraps, ice packs, anesthesia, bovie, scalpels, morphine, casting materials, crutches  med books and whatever else that we could get our hand on that looked important. Then I made a small grocery list since according to Blake there was a small grocery store across the street. Basic things, flour, sugar, rice, pasta, basically anything that hasn't gone bad. I shadowed an er doctor for two years in high school then I was in med school for two years. So I could do almost anything in an emergency, and fix a simple break but I needed books, to really figure it out. We would need to go to a large hospital to get most of these things but the the small hospital the boys saw should have enough. I looked up and saw Blake sitting at my feet.

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