Chapter 4

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After we had gotten to the leash and collar area there was a growl I pulled my knife off my belt not wanting to shoot. I looked at Nova and made sure to say quietly enough so no one or nothing else could hear,

"Get the leashes and the collars. I'm gonna try to find what growled. Stay here and stay silent." She nodded and took out her knife just in case. I starting peering down isles that's when I saw it, the glowing red eyes. I remembered the broadcaster said that any damage to the head would slow it down and it would take several days for it  to heal itself. Somehow it hadn't seen me yet and it turned most likely heading to Nova who was trying to be quiet but wasn't having much luck. Then it started moving faster. I quickened my pace and caught up. It turned around and looked at me before letting out yet another growl this one much louder and somehow more chilling. I brought my knife up and brought it down as hard as I could. There was a sickening pop as the knife went in and it fell to the ground taking my knife with it. It's eyes were still open but it didn't move. With all the noise in under a minute my small group was behind me as I stared down at what I had done. I knew it wasn't dead and that it wasn't human but I felt like I just killed someone. I felt someone wrap their arms around my waist and I felt their head on my shoulder. I turned and was surprised to see that it was Nova. Her head only reached my shoulder because I stood four inches taller than her 5'2. I turned the rest of the way around and hugged her back. After about a minute I pulled away.

"You did it," Blake said with a smile, "You managed to get him to stay on the ground." I nodded.

"That I did. Now can we please get moving. I think I might be sick." Nobody objected as they did a quick run through of the store as I walked outside towards the truck. I didn't make it far before leaning on the building and emptied the contents of my stomach which wasn't much considering I hadn't eaten since dinner last night. I managed to get back to the truck without throwing up again and looked in the bed, there was what looked like eight bags of dog food. I looked towards the building and saw Nova coming out with both our bags on her back and a dog bed and the boys had two bags of food each. About five minutes later we were on the road again heading towards the farmhouse.

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