Chapter 56

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I woke up and then woke Blake up.

"Babe get up we are getting the basement done today." I said shaking him slightly. He put his pillow over his head.

"Five minutes." He mumbled.

"Nope. I want to get it done, we need to go around to the other houses and look for smaller carpets to put in the basement to cover the concrete floors." I said before adding,  "And I'm doing laundry today so no electricity." He sat up and tackled me lightly back onto the mattress. I laughed and he pulled me closer.

"We will but there's a lot of laundry, you need sleep and I'm tired."

"So take a nap when we get done. I also want to check the fence every two hours to make sure no one is getting in." I said trying to get up.

"Fiiiine." He sighed getting up. I grabbed Neil and a laundry basket and Blake and I put all of our clothes in the basket as well as Neil's. My watch said it was 8:30 so I was up later than normal. Blake stayed with Neil as I went down the two flights of stairs to the basement. I put our laundry in and dumped the rest on the floor. I went upstairs and lightly tapped on the girls door. Ava answered almost immediately,

"What's up?"

"I'm doing laundry. Whatever you and Liv need washed put in the basket." I said.

"Do you want us to help you? I know Jordan and Parker have a basket in their room so I can just go grab it." Ava offered.

"If you want. Right now I'm just doing all the laundry that needs to be done. I'm going to grab Luke and Landon's if you want to run next door and grab their stuff. Liv can grab the boys."

"Sounds good. Olivia go grab Parker and Jordan's laundry basket and bring it to the basement." Ava said and headed down the stairs. I was going to try to do laundry once every two weeks at least because we couldn't keep going on runs just because we ran out of clothes. Neither Luke nor Landon was up so I just grabbed the clothes that were thrown around the room and walked out. I had also grabbed the towels from the bathroom before going to dump the laundry onto the growing pile. I was heading up the stairs when I heard gunshots. I dropped the basket and took off up the stairs. I grabbed my gun and bolted out the door to find the boys shooting at roughly twenty zombies. I ran as fast as I could to find the gate was open and more zombies were on their way. Not many but most likely twenty. I slammed the gate shut and padlocked it. I sprinted back to the house and grabbed the knives.

"USE KNIVES THE GUNS ARE DRAWING IN MORE!" I screamed over the gunshots and the moaning of the dead. I gave knives to everyone who was shooting at them which was all the adults Jordan, Parker, and Ava. We were able to get them all when I heard a scream. I turned and saw that one of the dead had snuck behind Luke and had taken a chunk out of his neck. He turned and stabbed it but it was to late.

"LUKE!" Blake screamed running towards his brother who had fallen to the ground. Blake started crying as he held his brother. I sat down next to him and held Luke's hand. After a few minutes he said,

"I l-love you guys. You were my family. When I start seizing Skylar I want you to be the one to end me. Blake can't. I'm sorry I'm not going to be able to be an uncle to your baby. I don't want you guys to miss me." Luke stated before beginning to cough. By this point everyone was crying. "Hey none of that. I'm sorry that it ended like this."

"I love you so much Luke." Blake said while sobbing.

"Luke you were like my little brother and you will always be an uncle to this baby even if you aren't here. I love you." I said. We all said our good byes and when Luke opened his mouth he began seizing. Blake cried harder when he stopped. I checked his pulse and it was gone.

"Blake I need to do it now or else he will come back and he will kill us all." I said and he nodded and put him on the ground instead of having him propped up against him. I drove the knife through his head as tears streamed down my face. "We have a bigger problem now. There's more zombies at the gate trying to get in we need to kill them in order to keep the rest of us safe." I said standing up on shaky knees. Blake stayed while the rest of us went to the gate. We began stabbing the zombies through the fence. We managed to get them considering there was only about ten. We buried Luke and spent the rest of the day mourning.

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