Light's Out by msorki1
Light's Outby msorki1
In this short story the Sun is dark and we ran away to the country trying to survive. Coping is hard when its dead winter in July
  • whoputthelightsout
  • apocalypse
  • dystopian
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The Walking Dead - Dan Howell AU by PHAN-TRASH-2022
The Walking Dead - Dan Howell AUby Dan X Me
DAN HOWELL X READER. Mass destruction, the population of the world dropping, the dead up and walking. Dan Howell has one chance to survive, it's not easy. With limited...
  • danhowell
  • xreader
  • zombieapocalypse
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Apocalypse children by limelights-lied
Apocalypse childrenby limelights-lied
Some kids who are raised in what's left of there world. This is their story.
  • apocalypse
  • fallout
  • videogames
Stand Still by cookiemonster825
Stand Stillby Cookie
"Let me in!" he mouthed. She looked to the porch then, back to the boy. She couldn't see any marks that might signal he was infected. It sounded as though the...
  • thriller
  • shortstory
  • boy
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Brace for It by penguinoe
Brace for Itby penguinoe
For six long years, Ian waited to finally get his braces off. But he soon finds out that he's stuck in an apocalypse limbo and has more matters to worry about.
  • fiction
  • survival
  • adventure
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New Americana (title substitute) by Weirdmageddon_1
New Americana (title substitute)by Rachelle Wolfe
Inspired by New American by Halsey
  • apocalypse
  • society
  • war
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Attack on Titan: Fallout by Charlesm16
Attack on Titan: Falloutby Charles Michael Gill
Corpral Levi returns home from the war to Petra and their newborn son. But the reunion is cut short when nuclear warfare destroys the United states.
  • mikisa
  • eren
  • romance
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The End by That1indacorner
The Endby Anni
The government has completely collapsed on Earth. At the beginning of the collapse, the military tried to take everything back by force. This wiped out forty percent of...
  • apocalypse
The Apocalypse by Kat1549
The Apocalypseby Kat
You'll have to read it to find out what happens.
  • apocalypse
  • random
  • weird
School's Out for the End of the World by childofdeath67812
School's Out for the End of the Wo...by Miss Fandoms
Sophie is a High School student at Globe Highschool but everything changes when her fellow students become the undead.
  • zombocalypse
  • zombies
  • apocalypse
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Allantha by Hawfullloctopus
Allanthaby Satan (Bace)
  • apocalypse
  • angst
  • ocs
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Zombie Apocalypse in Miri by Miura9194
Zombie Apocalypse in Miriby Miura_9194
Three siblings Rhea, Jamie and Abby a local Mirian woke up to the gore reality of zombie apocalypse. Having almost zero clue on what has been happening during their b...
  • zombies
  • teenfiction
  • surviving
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when the clouds disappear by FionaPope
when the clouds disappearby Fiona Pope
Noah was about like any other, living on the extension of the United States in 2095. when the clouds that his parents manufactured are finish , Apocalypse begins.
  • sciencefiction
  • post-apocalyptic
  • science
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Black Water - short horror/zombie au by bigbootyseungkwan
Black Water - short horror/zombie...by a whole bottom
Black water flowed through their veins and they killed with intentions of pure chaos. Shaking and writhing they take the sanity of innocents, converting them into blood...
  • sad
  • notverylong
  • apocalypse
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Forever Gone by VickGeniousRoyale
Forever Goneby Vick Genious
Imagine the world loses the sun and it becomes cold dark and full of despair. This is a short story to the writing prompt for day #6 on the Aim to Engage profile.
  • death
  • feature
  • adventure
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Survivors - Johnny Depp fanfiction  by Katharinaaax
Survivors - Johnny Depp fanfiction by depphead
The apocalypse has started and Katherine is doing everything just to survive. And then she meets this men named Johnny Depp. Just like her he's is trying to survive and...
  • zombies
  • lovestory
  • potc
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Vampire by UsernameCenteral
Vampireby UsernameCenteral
After a hybrid, nature's mistake and humans natural predators suddenly appear in WonderTown in 1929 the world is taken captive and forced as slaves. Taylor was born into...
  • youngadult
  • oldschool
  • vampire
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Apocalypse X | ORIGINAL by prettylittleorig1nal
Apocalypse X | ORIGINALby Ria-May
One day popular girl; next day Zombie slayer. In a world taken over by zombies Lucie Danvers must shed her cheerleader captain, popular girl shell in order to survive...
  • death
  • end
  • mystery
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Illusive: The wandering  by oflavish
Illusive: The wandering by HAYDEN.
In an near the end apocalyptic world their is still a small hope for humanity. These children, they're the worlds last hope. In a protection/training facility in Indiana...
  • zombie
  • fear
  • horror
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