Chapter 38

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Blake looked confused before I spoke.

"This is Jordan and Parker, two brothers we found on a run. They said they were alone." I said introducing the two boys. Ava and Liv smiled and Blake and Landon offered a wave.

"Nice to meet you two. We were just about to get started on lunch if everyone other than Landon and I want to go work on rooms and unloading all the things from the trailer." Blake said.

"Alright. Let's go guys. Ava give Neil to Blake." I said and she put him down. Neil took a wobbly couple of steps and crawled the rest of the way. I smiled. "You got him." They nodded and the new boys put their bags next to the door and followed the rest of us to the car. We brought bag after bag in. After about an hour we had two out of the four rooms upstairs ready for sleeping. Two were originally a bedroom and a children's room and the other two were and office and a play room. All the rooms were a decent size so we would have no issue with two people to a room. "What room do you guys want?" I asked everyone.

"Um can Ava and I have the playroom and make it a bedroom?" Liv asked. I nodded.

"Parker and I can take whatever room works."

"Landon and I are taking the bigger of the two rooms with the bed. We need to get a twin or something." Like said.

"Agreed. Well Parker and Jordan, you can take the study or the room with a bed." I started, "We'll go on a run with the trailer and get the six twin beds that we need." But in the mean time we can use pillows and sleeping bags.

"We can take the kids room since it looks like a boys room." Jordan suggested. I nodded,

"That works. And we can go on a run to get you guys new clothes and some warmer clothes for everyone." I said as I put my bag into the study. We were cleaning up the rooms and putting things away until we heard a scream outside. I drew my gun and sprinted without much thought. I ran by Blake and he said something I couldn't quite hear but I didn't stop. I ran right out the door. That's when I saw the swift. The same one from on the road banging on the window of some poor woman's car. I shot him in the head three times to make sure he was out and Landon who had followed me out cut his head off. I helped the woman out of the car while panting and hooding my stomach.

"Were you bit or scratched?" Landon asked firmly. She shook her head,

"N-n-no." She stuttered.

"If you don't mind Skylar is gonna check you once we get inside."

"Okay." She said quietly. We walked into the house and I took her to the room I had claimed as mine and checked her for bites. Luckily she had none.

"You're good. What's your name?" I asked with a smile.

"Kelly. Kelly Fitch." She said.

"Well it's nice to meet you. Let's introduce you to the rest of the group. Also how old are you?
You look really young."

"It's nice to meet you too and I'm 17. My birthday is soon I think. In December."

"Well with the way we've kept track of time it's January. So happy late birthday." I said and started walking downstairs. She followed shocked.

"I thought it was November. It's hard to keep track of time in this world." She said and I nodded. It was around four and starting to get dark so we lit some candles and dug out the old camping stove Landon had and cooked some plain pasta and dug out the bread and greens from the strong hold. We did introductions during dinner and talked about future plans for the place we were starting to build. We secured the house after dinner and talked more until we started to get tired.

"Well I'm tired and my watch says 1:30." I said with a yawn. "So I'm going to bed. Goodnight guys. We can finish clearing things tomorrow and go on a run the following day." I finished with yet another yawn. I headed up to my room with a thin blanket a pillow from the couch and Blake. We cuddled until he fell asleep but I couldn't sleep. My mind wandered until about four before my eyes finally closed.

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