Chapter 43

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I woke up to Neil poking me. I checked my watch 6:37. I sat up and stretched.

"Fo?" Neil said. I hadn't even realized that he had begun talking. I decided I needed to spend more time with him.

"Yes. Let's get you some food." I said. I carried him downstairs and opened a can of I think peaches. I cut up two for him and put them in a bowl and I took him and a few pieces jerky for Duke and I to the living room. I tossed the jerky at Duke and sat Neil on the couch as I went to get a Dr.Seuss book to read to Neil while he ate. After he ate I put the bowl in the sink and Jordan and Parker came down.

"Morning Sky." Jordan yawned.

"Morning. There's a can of peaches on the counter that I opened if you guys wanted them." I offered.

"Cool thanks." Parker said and they came back with two of the small slices in a bowl and ate while I read a different book to Neil. After I was done I put him on the floor and set up some of the new toys I had gotten for him. He seemed to enjoy the large bouncy ball and the couple cars I got him over the toys that had buttons. I sat and played with him until everyone else came downstairs.

"We're starting on the solar panels."Luke said. I nodded.

"Then we will start on the infirmary." I said and they went outside. "You guys can come or stay here. Up to you."

"I think we'll come." Liv and Ava said.

"Same." Kelly said and the boys nodded.

"Well then. I'm going to change Neil. The house on the corner to the right is where it is gonna be. It has one bedroom with a larger bed and two with a twin." I said heading upstairs. I put jeans and a heavy jacket on Neil. And went downstairs. I was going to let him walk to the house. Kelly Jordan and Parker had all grabbed a bin and we headed to the house. It was very clean with a small kitchen, and bathroom downstairs along with a larger living room. Upstairs was three bedrooms. I planned on setting supplies up in the room with the big bed. I had carried Neil most of the way because he didn't want to walk the whole way and I put him on the bed. It was around 8:30.

"How about you kids go through those rooms and see if there are any clothes for you or anything you might like. If not it goes into a pile to be thrown out." Kelly said. As she started looking through drawers. They all nodded and walked away.

"Sky do you need clothes? I think we're around the same size so if it's okay with you we can just share clothes." Kelly said as she grabbed a few t-shirts from the closet as I emptied all the drawers in the dresser and unpacked the supplies we had in the containers into them.

"Yea sharing is fine if you don't have any. I'm good on clothes right now so just grab the clothes that you like." I said and she nodded. After about twenty minutes the kids came back and put all the clothes and a couple of games on the bed.

"Do you want us to put the clothes in the containers so it's easier to bring back." Liv asked.

"Yes please. I'm going to go make those beds and clean up the room." I said. After about an hour the whole house was set up and we headed back to our house. I put Neil down when we got to the porch and opened the door to let him in. He went to the living room to play and I went to talk to Kelly as the kids unpacked their things.

"Do you by chance hunt?"I asked.

"Yea me and my dad use to go all the time when I was younger." She replied.

"Could you go hunt today? My stomach incision is starting to hurt and I can't tell the boys."

"Yes of course can I ask what happened?" She asked and I nodded,

"Blake and I were going to have a baby but she was basically dead in the womb. The stronghold I was at decided it was best for me to get a c-section and not risk Mia turning inside of me." I responded. I pulled a bottle of antibiotics from my pocket and grabbed the water bottle from the counter and took two. She didn't say anything. She just came over and hugged me.

"I'm sorry Sky." She said. We hugged for a minute before I put the pills in my pocket.

"It's not your fault." I responded. "Can you tell me how bad the incision is?" I asked lifting my shirt.

"It isn't that bad just a little red and somewhat swollen." She said.

"Thank you. I'm glad it's not a serious infection."

"Me too." She said. I spent the day playing with the kids while Kelly went to hunt. We were coloring when the boys came in at around 7 telling us that the panels on the roof were done and we should have power in about two days. Kelly had gotten back around 5 with two deers and was outside cooking them. We ate until we were stuffed when she came in at around 8. After dinner I changed Neil's diaper gave him a kiss and tucked him into bed.

"So a rule once we get power. We will not use light at night until we get the walls up. We don't need the zombies seeing light and finding us." I stated after I came downstairs.

"Agree." Landon said and everyone else nodded. We chatted for a little then Liv said,

"Can we play monopoly?"

"Sure but we should do teams." I said.

"Kelly can be on mine." Luke offered.

"Thanks." Kelly said with a slight blush.

"Well Landon I guess you're with us." Blake said wrapping his arms around us both. I laughed.

"That leaves the kids. You guys can do one team or two if you want." I said.

"Two and I'm with Jordan." Ava said.

"Well Liv it's just you and I." Parker said and Liv nodded. My watch read 8:30. We played until Kelly and Luke went bankrupt which was probably three hours later. We counted up all our money and Ava and Jordan had won with Liv and Parker in second and me and Blake in third.

"Good game guys. We can clean it up tomorrow I'm gonna head to bed." I said stretching. I stood and headed to bed followed by Blake. I laid down and Blake laid next to me. I lightly pecked him on the lips and that light peck turned into a passionate make out. After about 15 minutes I pulled away. "Goodnight. I love you." I said snuggling into him.

"I love you too." He replied kissing my head and pulling the blanket around us both. I was freezing and he was so warm I fell asleep almost instantly.

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