Chapter 28

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I didn't remember much after that other than Luke being extremely confused and Liv and Ava running to the kitchen. I must have passed out since the last thing I remember was laying in bed. I tried to sit up it hurt to. Blake was sitting next to me,
"Sky take it easy for a couple days please." He said slowly helping me sit up.
"Can you get water?" I asked barely loud enough for him to hear. He nodded and left. While he was gone I wondered what was wrong, what had happened and if it was something with the baby. Blake returned a moment later with a glass of water and handed it to me. I drank it quickly and handed him the glass back. "What happened? Is the baby okay?" I asked right away.
"I don't know if the baby is okay. I know you walked into the kitchen and grabbed your stomach and fainted but we are leaving for the stronghold tomorrow."
"Why tomorrow? What happened to next week?"
"You need a doctor, and you are the only one here trained to be one." I nodded and tried to stand up but Blake lightly pushed me back saying,
"You are not helping. You need rest." I lightly whacked his arm and stood.
"I'm fine, I'll pack the light stuff. How are we packing everything? We have no trailers."
"Landon and Luke went out to find them. And Skylar I really wish you wouldn't"
"Blake, I'm okay, I haven't eaten much, I'll eat something and then I'm helping you and the girls pack, and you aren't going to stop me." He sighed in defeat.
"Alright but please take it slow."
"Fine." With that I walked to the kitchen to find the girls standing at the stove cooking.      "Good morning girls, I would have helped you make your breakfast."
"We wanted to make you breakfast for a change." Ava said.
"Aw that's sweet girls." I said walking up to give them a hug. They handed me a plate filled with eggs venison and some of the greens from the garden that hadn't died yet. I took it to the island and it relatively quickly. I checked my watch, 9:47. I finished the last few bites of my breakfast and looked at the girls who had just started eating.
"Do you two want to help pack up the house when you're done eating? We can do your room first then the living room and kitchen." They both nodded in agreement.
"Of course we want to help. Can we help load the horses, chickens and the cows?" Ava asked.
"Sure, once Landon and Luke get back." They nodded and finished their breakfast around 10. We headed to their room and pulled out a few bags and put them on their bed, "Why don't I fold your clothes and you can put them in the bag" I said to Liv before turning to Ava, "You can fold your clothes if you want or you can work on the toys and I can do it."
"I can do it and then help Liv pack some of the toys she likes." Ava said and I nodded. I folded Livs clothes and handed them to her so she could fit them all in one bag after about fifteen minutes all the clothes were away and they were sorting the toys. They managed to fit all the toys Liv really liked in one bag, which was four or five barbies, chalk, a few stuffed animals, and the colored pencils and coloring books that she had. We put the three bags by their bedroom door and walked into the living room. We grabbed a suitcase out of the hall closet and filled it first with their school supplies, textbooks pencil workbooks, and any of the books on the bookshelf that would fit. We grabbed the biggest suitcase and the smallest backpack and went to the kitchen. We went through all the food in the cabinets and threw out what had expired and put what was still good in the suitcase which was a few bags of flour, a bunch of canned goods, sugar, and some granola bars. We put the stuff from the freezer in on top wrapped in frozen towels. We put the utensils and the small pot and pan in the backpack. I looked at the girls,
"You two wanna go outside?" I asked and they both nodded. I peeked into my bedroom and saw that Blake was packing all of our things. I went to the living room and saw Duke chewing on a bone and the girls putting on shoes. They saw me and came over and I called Duke who ran over and nearly knocked me over when he jumped. I laughed and the four of us went outside.
"What do you two want to do?" I asked.
"Can we ride Rebel?" Liv asked, I shook my head,
"He's to little right now but we can ride Majesty." Liv smiled and took off at a run toward the fence. I felt my side to make sure I had my gun just in case and walked to the fence with Ava. I helped Liv up on Majesty and Led her around the fenced area a couple times. After Liv got off I asked if Ava wanted to ride,
"Sure but do you have to lead her?"
"Nope." I responded as I helped her up. I watched her ride Majesty in a walk and I watched as Liv pet Rebel. I looked towards the forest and movement caught my eye. It was fast, swift fast. I got my gun ready before it was even out of the woods,
"GIRLS BEHIND ME NOW!" I yelled and they didn't hesitate. They looked where I was aiming and Liv let out a small scream. I shot and clipped it's shoulder. I shot again and hit it in the forehead. That'll keep it down long enough for us to get out of the area. "Get to the house now." I told the girls who took off towards the house at a run. I stopped to close the gate, I know I know stupid, and sprinted towards the house with Duke following close behind. Blake was already out of the house running towards us with one of our rifles.
"What happened?" He asked me while he picked up a shaking Liv.
"Swift, we need to make sure we're ready to move when Landon and Luke get back, the gunshots will bring more zombies to the area." I said shakily. He nodded and carried Liv back up to the house while I walked with my gun out by Ava's side. We finished packing up the house and around 3 we heard my truck pull in. They had a huge trailer. Blake went to explain what happened while they were gone while Liv, Ava and I went to put bags near the door. After a few minutes Luke and Landon had been caught up and were hurriedly packing things into the massive trailer. We had about twelve bags that were being packed and as soon as they were in the trailer we went for the animals, Blake, Ava and I went to get the two horses and the cows and Luke, Landon, and Liv went to get five chickens. After about twenty minutes we were ready to go.

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