Chapter 68

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"Sky wake up." Liv said lightly shaking me.

"What's up?" I asked.

"There's more people at the gate. The patrols wanted me to wake you up so that you could put them in the room." She said. I nodded and put on a sweater. The room was where we kept newcomers for five days to make sure they didn't turn. It kind of reminded me of jail cells. We had built it and there was five rooms lined up next to each other. There was a bucket for a toilet, a bed, a bookshelf and a normal door for privacy. There was also a small window on the back of the cell.

"Do you want to come or stay here?" I asked her.

"Can I come?" I nodded and we put shoes on and left. We got to the fence to find four people standing next to Morgan and Ryan who were on patrol tonight.

"Hey Sky. We were about to escort these four to the cells. We just wanted to run it by you first." Morgan said.

"We take everyone in just make sure you ask the questions." They nodded and Liv and I went home. It was about four in the morning so I would only be getting about another hour and a half of sleep because I normally helped out with breakfast. Jane, Edna, Dean, and I cooked breakfast most days while Jane Edna and Dean cooked the other meals while I helped with farming, the animals, and spending time with my kids. I woke up at 5:45 got dressed and headed to the center. We were about halfway through making breakfast when we heard screams and gunshots. I pulled my gun out and ran outside to see the place in total chaos. I spotted Blake and ran to him.

"What's going on?" I asked trying to keep the panic at bay.

"The group of people we let in were bandits and the rest of their group let zombies in. Ava, Liv, Jordan, Neil, Parker, Luke, and Nova are all at the house in the basement. We're focused on getting the zombies down. We'll behead them later." I nodded and took off towards the armory. There were two of our guards protecting the armory from anyone that wasn't our people. They saw me and opened the door. I went in grabbed some type of automatic weapon and went out. The bandits were in dirty old clothes while our people were wearing clothes that looked clean. I shot two in the head and took down a zombie. The battle went on for at least two hours and the noise was drawing in more zombies. After a while the bandits retreated. We outnumbered them by a decent amount but they had managed to kill or injure some of our own. I ran to the fence to make sure there was no zombies or weak spots and I killed at least twenty zombies that were on the outside of the fence and the patrols went around beheading them. I looked around for people that had been injured and were still alive and with the help of a few other people we brought them to the infirmary. We spent about four hours cleaning up the streets and driving the zombies far away from the town. I looked at my watch which read two. After all the streets were cleaned I was going to call a meeting. The meeting happened around three on the small stage we had built for people to make speeches or for entertainment.

"We were attacked today. We won the battle however we lost people. Seventeen people. I don't think they will be back but if they are we need to be prepared. That means we need to know how to handle the situation. Everyone with gun training should be getting the zombies and bandits out and anyone without gun training should be helping those who get shot to the infirmary or getting children inside." I said. This was such a large group of people that I had to yell to be heard.

"But Skylar what if we want gun training?" A voice yelled.

"Come find me and I'll talk to one of the instructors." The meeting was about an hour and it was them asking me questions and questioning my leadership and me answering questions. At the end I said, "Instead of three patrols at a time I want five. You will take four hour shifts and then the next group will go in and take a four hour shift. Which means instead of having eighteen patrols I need at least thirty. If you're interested come find me tomorrow and I will set you up with Tom who is in charge of making the patrol groups and making sure we have enough people." With that everyone went home except for the three guards currently on duty Blake and Landon. I sprinted home and right into the basement. I stayed down there with all the kids including the babies that night. I had brought down a mattress and set the twins up on it and I slept on the couch. I did not sleep well though. Any noise that anyone made or that the house made woke me up. Today was the first attack that we had that was people and not zombies. Months had passed with no other breaches and no other attacks. We were more careful about who we let in and we had even made a wooden fence on the outside of the chain link.
We finally felt safe again.

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