Rules of survival: Phase 1 by KreeenXOXO
Rules of survival: Phase 1by Killu_pika_pika💕
A Girl named Zerridiku Sakura, a 15 year old girl woke up from a anonymous room whom she dis not belong to. Explosions started to explode, there she met her game partner...
  • killing
  • survival
  • aventure
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Phantom Project Book 1: Martial Law  by HybridNL
Phantom Project Book 1: Martial Hybrid
What was supposed to be another boring school day turns into a test of survival as a group of shooters enters and starts attacking the staff and students in Wendigo High...
  • shooting
  • horror
  • school
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Brace for It by penguinoe
Brace for Itby penguinoe
For six long years, Ian waited to finally get his braces off. But he soon finds out that he's stuck in an apocalypse limbo and has more matters to worry about.
  • apocalypse
  • survival
  • adventure
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our near future by wolf_pack_writes
our near futureby wolf_pack_writes
Read the story and you'll find out.
  • military
  • friendship
  • courage
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The OutBreak by TacoBellIsLit57
The OutBreakby TacoBellIsLit57
There is a zombie outbreak and 3 brave men try to stop the zombies as there sometimes mess us and sometime succsed they are all friends and yes they are scared but can t...
  • horror
  • survival
The Golden Line by rosette-louise
The Golden Lineby Rosette_Lux
I will figure out a brilliant description of what I intend this book to be about. but currently, I can suggest you try to read the first chapter.
  • life
  • girl-power
  • survival
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If I Was Stuck On An Island... by GrishmaThePerson
If I Was Stuck On An BACK IN TOWN!!
If I was stuck on an island what will I do?
  • adventure
  • island
  • survival
Lost on a Rimworld by SamX822
Lost on a Rimworldby Samintrusion822 /#Chris#/
I was just hanging out with my friends, having fun. We were having fun. It was supposed to be fun... It was supposed to. But that changed when the engine room blew up. T...
  • scifi
  • samx822
  • lost
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Destiny of Lightning 1 # The Apprentice's Prophecy by Capybara100
Destiny of Lightning 1 # The Capybara100
*Warrior Cats Fanfiction* LightningClan is thriving well under the leadership of Foreststar. Then a young medicine cat apprentice sees a mysterious vision, showing grav...
  • fightforlove
  • warriors
  • luna
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The Infected Race Book 1 by user49694089
The Infected Race Book 1by
PLEASE READ BOTTOM Here is a thrilling storey about a nuclear radiation fallout and how young Tobias Williams is caught up in it all as one in a 500,000 people who are n...
  • survival
  • zombieapocalypse
  • miracles
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Survivors - Johnny Depp fanfiction  by Katharinaaax
Survivors - Johnny Depp fanfiction by depphead
The apocalypse has started and Katherine is doing everything just to survive. And then she meets this men named Johnny Depp. Just like her he's is trying to survive and...
  • survivors
  • adventure
  • love
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Project Storm breaker by CycloneFire06
Project Storm breakerby Samuel De Voe
after a military experiment goes terribly wrong, a ruined city and it's few survivors must face a new threat that is rising out of the ashes of Project Storm breaker.
  • disaster
  • survival
What A Tattle Tale...|A Tattletail lore story by MangleTMCP
What A Tattle Tale...|A Mangle The MineCraftPlayz [Fu...
In 1998, a new toy that is the first of its type is released; the Tattletail! Children everywhere can hardly wait to meet their new friend! But something sinister is lur...
  • fanfiction
  • survival
  • tattletail
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YOU are stuck in the middle of an apocalypse you need to gear up find weapons items and much more keep discovering new places and customise your character
  • apocalypse
  • survival
Full Circle by tmariegray
Full Circleby tmariegray
Sun. Sand. Thirst. A frightening combination.
  • stranded
  • survival
  • desert
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No Man's Land by andhikas
No Man's Landby Andhika S Pratama
Its a short story of a squad trying to survive in an island called 'No Man's Land'. Inspired by the most phenomenon survival game 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds'
  • survival
City on Fire by rowanwhittaker
City on Fireby love, rowan
"If we're going to survive... Whatever this is... We need to be smart. We need to be fast. But most of all, we have to be brave."
  • war
  • chaos
  • excitement
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Lies II Kim Taehyung Fanfic by everling7777
Lies II Kim Taehyung Fanficby ARMY mage
Stepping across the marked line was the worst choice I would make. But at the same time the best. Hand in hand, we stepped over. This marked the ending of our safety. ¨L...
  • taehyung
  • survival
  • friendship
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Crawling Back To You by shadowwanderers
Crawling Back To Youby wanderer
Part 1- The Outbreak Luna and a friend Pierce are at a pool party when a Zombie Outbreak hits them. They only have each other, what will they do?
  • romance
  • survival
  • znation
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ANNORA by Yanna902
ANNORAby ☆.。:*starlight.。:*☆
Annora Mills, a young student is found dead in her bedroom after three weeks from assumed suicide and all of the students attending Riverview High, who played a role in...
  • action
  • haunted
  • death
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