Chapter 57

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The next few days were absolute hell. We spent the time mourning and making the fence secure. I was doing random jobs to keep my mind occupied. I finished the six loads of laundry and folded them all. Then I began cleaning the houses that weren't livable. I spent a lot more time with Blake. After everyone seemed to be getting better we began working on setting up the basement. We ended up getting area rugs from the houses surrounding us. We had also taken twin beds and bed frames along with bigger beds and bed frames. The playroom area had moved from the living room to the upstairs room along with a small table for the coloring books and supplies. The house was now like a house would be before the apocalypse. Blake and I had our own room with a dresser and Landon had his own room. The babies would be sharing Jordan and Parker's old room with the playroom being in Liv and Ava's old room. The basement looked like a bunch of teenagers lived there. We let them decide what they wanted down there and they decided on their four beds a small couch and a small bookcase with comics and their electronics. They also had posters that were taken from other houses. They each also had a nice comforter. Overall the house was nice and the kids were enjoying it. The house felt different without Luke around. His joyful yet serious presence is one of the things that I loved about him. He was my boyfriends little brother that I had grown up with. It brought back the memories of losing Nova. It was around ten when Blake and I got into bed. My belly was still relatively flat with the slightest bump. Blake was resting his hand on my stomach while we talked.

"I think I have a name if it's a boy, what if we named it Luke." I said. His face lit up for the first time in days.

"That's a good idea." Blake said resting his head on my shoulder. We talked about the baby a little more before he drifted off to sleep. The next day I decided to go hunting since we were basically out of all food. We were going on a run today to at least the grocery store that we keep passing. It was about 6 in the morning when I took off on the horse. I was able to get three deer because I went further out than I normally did and with a silenced weapon. I got home and everyone was awake. I mentioned going on a run.

"Baby please you can't go on this one." Blake said.

"I will be safe. You can sit this one out. I'll take Landon, Gavin, Ava, and Jordan if they want to come. We'll only be gone for three hours tops." I assured him. The kids were excited to get to go out and immediately went to get all the bags that were around the house which was three duffle bags, nine or ten backpacks and a lot of drawstrings and put them all in the car. It was three rows so we folded down the third row to give us more space. I hugged Blake tightly and gave him a kiss.

"I love you." He told me.

"I love you too." I replied with a smile. Gavin drove while Landon sat up front and I sat in the back with the kids.

"We are gonna check the place out first." Landon said as it started to rain.

"Alright well then we'll bring in the bags once you give the all clear." I responded. The car moved at about twenty miles an hour because of the clouds. Luckily the store was only about a ten minute drive normally so it only took us about thirty minutes. During the ride I explained to the kids what they needed to do with shooting their gun or using their knife. We got there and the boys went and checked the store. They came out a few minutes later and we each grabbed a bag and headed inside. We checked isle by isle grabbing formula, canned food, bottles, pasta, pasta sauces, and even a few dog toys. After about an hour and a half all of the bags were full and two shopping carts as well. The kids and I  grabbed the reusable bags and filled them while the boys loaded the car. I went back to the isle with the hygiene and grabbed two reusable bags with 10 toothbrushes, toothpastes, deodorant, shampoos and soaps. After we had everything that we thought we needed we headed home. We were slowed to 5 or 10 miles per hour because the slight drizzle had turned into a downpour. We got to the house about an hour later and unloaded the car very quickly with everyone helping. We unpacked everything and gave Jane Edna and Gavin the toothbrush and a bag of food so they were able to eat at their own house if they wanted.

"Blake you didn't by chance notice the deer outside did you?" I asked.

"I did and I skinned them and cut them up. The dog is happy and fed." He replied. We unpacked and gave the dog his new toys, we put them in a small basket in the corner of the living room. There was tug toys, hard rubber toys, bones, a few squeaky toys, and a lot of tennis balls. Duke looked thrilled. The huge German shepherd dog that we've had since he was little was acting like a little puppy. We spent the day talking and playing with the dog. Jane, Gavin, and Edna had ended up staying the night because of the rain. We made dinner and Jane made cookies with the things we had picked up today. I went to bed early and Blake followed.

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