Chapter 6

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After our three hour game of monopoly, Blake and I headed downstairs to start dinner. We had grabbed some pork from Landons house because we didn't want it to go to waste.

"Blake can you go make sure the front and back doors are locked and the windows are too please?"

"Sure." He returned two minutes later. I had enough time to preheat the oven and get out a can of corn. The stove was gas and instead of cooking using the kitchen light we had a lantern so that there wasn't that much light leaving the house. In late July it was still light out yet somehow the kitchen was somewhat dark. After a couple minutes of putting some seasoned salt on the pork it was ready for the oven. I had a clock that ran on batteries that was upstairs so we didn't have to worry about the time. Blake looked at me like he wanted to say something but he didn't. After dinner was in the oven,we were using a pan to cook it, and the corn was on the stove dinner would be ready in about fifteen minutes, giving us just enough time to talk. I looked up at him, I was around 5'6 and he was 6'4. He pushed my dark hair behind my ear before leaning down for a quick kiss. "I love you." I could feel myself getting warm, as I smiled.

"I love you too." He pulled me in for a hug.

"You did great in the pet store if you hadn't killed it it would have gotten Nov."

"Yeah I'm just glad that I heard it."

"You did good." He said as I pulled away and sat on the counter.

"I have a question." I stated as he came over to stand in between my legs.

"Where is this going?"

"Where is what going?"


"Where do you want it to go?" He asked placing his hands right above my hips.

"I mean I love you like more than I should and I want a relationship but I don't even know what that would mean in this new world."

"I want a relationship too baby." I felt the heat rise to my cheeks and I could tell that I was turning red simply at the word baby.

"But what does it mean now a days?"

"Everything it meant before two people who want to be together because they either really like each other or they love each other."

"Awe that's a really good way to put it." I said reaching up and putting my hand around his neck. I pulled him in for a quick kiss before letting him go. He backed away once I did.

"Skylar Rose Peirce, will you make me the happiest man in this fucked up world and be my girlfriend?" It sounded more like a marriage proposal than him asking me to be his girlfriend.

"Yes of course." I squealed as I jumped off the counter into his arms. He held me tight for probably about five minutes and I never wanted him to let go. Even with the flesh hungry zombies outside being in his arms made me feel safe. When he put me down I checked on the pork. I grabbed the one oven mitt that we brought and pulled the pork out and cut into it. Thankfully it was done and we put that and the corn on the four plates and turned everything off. We went upstairs and gave the other two their plate. I looked at Blake and held my hand out and he grabbed it. I looked at the other two and I could see Nova smiling. I decided to break the silence while we ate,

"Blake and I are dating." They both stopped immediately and looked over. Landon was the first to speak.

"Thank god it has been so painful watching you two try to flirt and fail miserably."

"Thanks man." Blake said patting him on the back.

"I'm so happy you guys finally made it official." She looked at Landon, "now we don't have to hide the fact that we've been dating for a few days." I screeched,

"Oh my god I knew it. I knew it." Blake laughed and so did Landon

"At least now we know sleeping arrangements for the time being." Nova said beaming with happiness. We finished our dinner and gave Duke some more water. We played a couple games of uno and some go fish before heading to bed at around ten. Landon had unzipped the sleeping bags to make it easier to sleep. Nova and Landon ended up sharing and so did Blake and I did to to avoid anyone getting uncomfortable we had taken turns changing in the bathroom and slept with the other sleeping bag under everyone. The puppy had his own space in the corner with his bed bowls puppy pads and a few toys. I snuggled into Blake and we talked a bit before falling into a deep sleep. I had woken up at around 7:30 and the only other one awake was Landon. I got up and grabbed four granola bars and two bottles of water. I tossed two to Landon and he ate one and put the other next to Nova. I also tossed him a water bottle. I did the same thing Landon did as I sat back in my place. Duke was surprisingly quiet. I haven't heard him bark once. Landon had gotten up to give him some food and water. I knew I didn't have to be extremely quiet since the two asleep were heavy sleepers.

"Hey Landon."

"Whats up?"

"Instead of giving him our bottle water, can you guys grab a bucket today and we can fill it from the creek out back for him?"

"Yea I should be able to."

"Sweet thank you. Also if it isn't to much to ask can you grab some books if you happen to pass a store? The car also needs gas."

"You sure want alot." He said smiling. We played two games of uno before the other two woke up and ate their granola bars and drank their water. Blake came over and sat next to me and Nova had rolled over and went back to sleep. I kissed Blake on the cheek,

"How'd you sleep?"

"Pretty good considering."

"That's good." I looked at the clock 8 am. I looked at Landon as I leaned into Blake. "What time are you guys getting beds?"

"Um not sure I was thinking we could leave around 9 and come back around 4 or 5 tonight." He looked at Blake.

"Yea that works fine." We continued light banter until around 8:50. I grabbed one of the backpacks and put two water bottles in it, a can of carrots, and two more granola bars. I handed it to Blake and I handed two drawstrings to Landon.

"I want more food in the backpack, and books and hygiene products and anything else that might be useful from a convenient store. Or gas station. Thank you guys. Travel safe. Take my knife." I handed them my keys and my best knife. The one that had put the zombie down. By this point Nova had woken up and had come to say bye to the boys. They headed down the road at around 9:15

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