Chapter 2

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I looked over and Blake was still sleeping so I figured I'd let him considering this is the last night we're getting in awhile. I quietly got out of bed and moved the bags that had been left in the corner of my room to the front door. I went to the kitchen and looked around to see if there was anything else we might need and ended up grabbing a small pan, a pot, and a few cooking materials. I went to the freezer and grabbed the waters also placing them by the door. I looked into the living room and Nova and Landon were both sound asleep. I grabbed the eggs and bacon from the fridge and turned on the stove. I made a quick breakfast for all of us, we needed to use the perishables first, and went to wake everyone up. That's when I heard it a blood curdling scream come from outside, I raced to the window and saw it, a woman slowly dying, she was bleeding and there was a zombie not far behind her. I stepped back from the window terrified. I thought I would be prepared for this but clearly I had been mistaken. I ran to the kitchen and threw what I had made into a container and tossed it to the door praying to god that it didn't open and spill. I raced to the living room and shook Nova and Landon awake.

"Five more minutes." Nova mumbled before turning over into Landons chest.

"We need to go now, they're outside" I said loudly enough to wake them both up. "Throw the blanket on the pile and get your shoes on we're leaving in five then we're heading to your places to get your things and more food." They both looked at me and rubbed the sleep out of their eyes before noticing the urgency in my voice. I went to wake Blake up and when I came back they had both put their shoes on and grabbed what they could. Nova grabbed a backpack and a drawstring since they were both heavy. Landon grabbed a duffle bag, and I grabbed the other backpack and another drawstring, that left a duffle bag and drawstring for Blake, I walked over to the end table where I had put my gun and grabbed it shoving the one case of ammo that I had in the side pocket of my backpack. I grabbed my key of the hook and two minutes later we were ready to go.

"Ready?" Landon asked.

"Ready as I'll ever be." Nova responded her voice shaking slightly.

"Wait," I began just before Landon opened the door, "I have the gun I should go first, Lan, in my drawstring there should be my knife set each of you grab one, just in case." I finished deciding to leave what I saw earlier unsaid.
"Your trucks the black one right?" Blake asked just to make sure, I nodded and with that we stepped out the door into our uncertain future.
Sorry for the short chapter I promise most are longer than this

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