Chapter 59

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I don't know how long it took for us to get to the strong hold but it was long enough for me to fall asleep. We got there and it was slightly dark. We were met by four or five men on horses.

"What are you doing here?" The man closest to us asked.

"We are here to make a trade. Can we speak to the person in charge." Gavin asked.

"What type of trade?" The man asked skeptically.

"Medical supplies for livestock preferably." Gavin replied.

"Alright. Follow us. We'll take you to Andrew." He said. I thought I recognized the voice talking to us. We pulled through the gate and I saw Tom. I got out and walked over.

"Hey Tom. Long time no see." I said.

"Skylar? What are you doing here?" He asked confused.

"We have a lot of medical supplies and we wanted to trade it for livestock," I thought for a second before adding, "and my truck."

"I'll get Andrew. You may not be able to get anything after what happened." He said. "It's awful here. He's putting more people to work and making them work way harder than before." I looked back at the boys who were unloading the supplies.

"You can come with us. You gave me no problems when everything happened with Mia and then Andrew." I told him.

"Really? I can?" He asked surprised. I nodded,

"Yes. But you need to convince Andrew to give me my truck back, flour, a sheep, and a cow."

"Done. Come with me and we'll talk to him. Don't tell him I'm leaving. He'll kill you or me or both." He said his tone very serious.

"Done." We walked towards his office as I checked my gun to make sure it was loaded, just in case.

"Andrew?" Tom asked knocking on the door.

"Come in." He replied. We walked in and his went pale when he saw me.

"Andrew." I said.

"Oh, Skylar. Why are you here?" He asked with slight concern in his voice.

"To make a trade, and to take my truck back." I said sternly.

"Oh um what kind of trade?"

"Flour, a sheep or two and a cow."

"What do I get in return?"

"Good medical supplies that we got from the hospital today."

"Flour and the sheep."

"No. Remember what happened to my baby?" I asked him and his face went even more pale.

"Flour and cow and your truck."

"I will not trade for the truck that's rightfully mine."

"Fine. I will come and see what you have then we will decide."

"Deal." I replied and the three of us walked to the trailer Andrew slightly in front of us. I whispered to Andrew, "Go pack things from your house. Whatever you need. Get to my truck in ten." He nodded and quietly ran off. We got to the car with the boys and there was a lot of tension between Blake and Andrew. We talked and eventually Andrew agreed if we gave him all the medical supplies and how to get into the hospital. He told me where the cow and sheep were and I headed off. There was two cows. I went for the one that looked a little younger. I led her to the trailer and then went back for the sheep. I went to the kitchen and grabbed several bags of flour. I walked out to the car and put it in the backseat before walking over to Blake to give him a hug

"Tom is coming with us. I'm driving him in my truck. You can come in my truck if you want." I whispered. I felt him nod and I stepped away.

"We are leaving now. Gavin, Matt, and Landon you guys can drive the trailer. Skylar and I will be taking her truck." Blake said and we walked to the area where the cars were. The car started after several attempts. I looked in the backseat and saw Tom laying across the floor. I smiled and drove to the gate. The trailer couldn't go as fast and after a few minutes it stopped completely. We decided to sleep in the cars for tonight with one person on watch in intervals. The next morning we woke up and immediately started driving. I don't know what time we left but we got home at around ten.

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