Chapter 58

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The next three or four months went by relatively smoothly. My bump has gotten much bigger by a lot. I think I'm only five months but the size of my bump puts me a lot later.

A few weeks ago we had found a family, Ashley and Matt were married and slightly older and they had three kids Ami who was 17, Evan who was 12, and Hunter who was 8. We had set them up in a nice three bedroom house and all of the kids hung out all day. It had gotten warmer so I was outside reading on the porch when Landon came and sat next to me.

"We should go find a place where we can get materials for a playground area. We should also go back to our original stronghold and see if there's the possibility of trading for livestock. We can go and search a hospital and then go so we have medical supplies to trade." Landon suggested.

"That sounds good but I don't think I'll be good for much other than pushing a medical cart or carrying backpacks. If you haven't noticed I'm getting really big." I said.

"Well I was thinking we bring you because you're the better shot and know what we need. We'd make sure you weren't alone and never in danger."

"I'm always in danger in this world. When did you want to go?"

"We are leaving in ten. I already talked to Matt, Blake, and Gavin and they have the car loaded with at least three or four days worth of stuff along with loads of empty backpacks and ammo.

"Alright then. Can we also find a store that has maternity clothes or something. Wearing Blake's sweat pants when it's this warm is killing me." I said and Landon laughed offering me a hand to help me get up which I gladly took.

"Don't laugh. I'm pregnant." I said smiling.

"Alright well let's go so we can get you new pants." He said and we got in the car.

We ended up finding a new Walmart on the way to the hospital. I pulled into the parking lot and the three boys went and cleared the store.

"How many zombies were in there?" I asked as I hopped out of the car.

"Seven or eight." Blake told me closing the door and walking with me inside. We found the maternity section and I filled a bag with maternity shorts and long pants and another bag with bigger shirts and more spots bras. We grabbed a duffle bag off of a shelf and filled it with wipes diapers and formula.

"We ready?" I asked closing the trunk.

"I think let me just shut the door." Matt said. I got back in the driver seat and after Matt was in the car we headed to the hospital.

"So what's the plan with me and the hospital. There's going to be so many zombies." I said pulling into the hospital parking lot.

"Well I was thinking that we all go in but you go in the middle. Chances are the zombies will be in hospital rooms and as far as we know they can't open doors so we just stay away from the emergency room and go for supply closets." Blake said.

"Sounds good but if there's to many or a runner or a swift we shoot and get the hell out." I said as we got out of the car. The boys each carried a backpack on each shoulder and carried a duffle bag. I had a large backpack and a silenced gun in each hand. We moved quietly through the hospital taking out the occasional zombie in a doctor uniform or a nurse. We didn't go into any of the rooms but we did shut any open doors. We did get to a supply closet after about twenty minutes of looking.

"Syringes, gauze, numbing agents, casting materials, anything that looks useful. You guys find things for the strong hold I'll find things for us." They nodded and Blake came with me with his own bags. I filled them all with pain medication, casting things and all the gauze in the box a quarter in my bag and the rest in Blake's. I went to the next row and grabbed suture kits and put some in my bag and most in Blakes. That's when I felt something weird in my stomach. I put my hand on my belly and felt the baby kicking. I smiled as Blake came over.

"What?" He asked. I took his hand and put it on where my hand was. "Is it kicking?" He asked as I stepped back to look at other shelves.

"Yes." I said zipping up my backpack and adding more things to Blake's. After about four and a half hours we had filled the bags and were on our way to the stronghold.

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