Chapter 66

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Over the next few months we had gained more people. Enough people that I constantly forgot their names. I was now nearly done with my pregnancy and I was massive. I couldn't get comfortable to sleep anymore and the baby kicked and kicked and moved all the time. I rolled over and noticed Blake watching me.

"Why are you watching me sleep."

"You look peaceful."

"I look like a whale." I told him as I sat up and started to get off the bed. I waddled outside and then to the community center. It was about 7:30 so most people would be awake. Someone bumped into me and something cold  spilt on my back.

"I'm so sorry Skylar." I turned around to see Lucille who was beginning to get close to my mom.

"It's okay Lucy." I replied. I went up to the small bar where the food was kept. We had breakfast food out from 6:30 to 8:30 lunch out from 1-3:30 then dinner from 5-7:30. That was so that everyone had a chance to eat each meal if they wanted to. We had more people hunting and more animals coming with them. We had a few more dogs join the community as well as some goats, pigs, cows and more chickens. I grabbed a spoonful of scrambled eggs and some tomato's before heading to sit down at a table with Blake and Landon.

"Wanna go on a walk?" Blake asked me and Landon. We nodded and went outside. The walk lasted about 5 minutes before my stomach began to hurt a great deal.

"Infirmary." I panted as I starting walking towards the building holding onto my stomach.

"I'll go get your mom." Landon said and took off in a run. It was probably November or December meaning it was freezing. Blake helped me up the stairs and into a bed. I screamed and knew this was labor. About five minutes later my mom came in. Another contraction came. About two or three hours after the contractions started my mother told me to push. Blake was standing next to me and I had his hands.

"Alright Sky. I need a big push." My mom said after checking how dilated I was and I inhaled then pushed. I screamed in pain and squeezed both boys hands. Blake winced because of the pressure put on his hand. Two or three minutes later I was told to push again. Once again I pushed, screamed and squeezed. I was pushing for about 20 minutes before it came out.

"It's a girl." My mom said. I sighed a breath of relief. She handed the baby to Blake. And my mom looked at me then to Blake. Then another contraction happened.

"Mom. Why am I still contracting?" I yelled. Then she spoke.

"I need another push." She said her face showing her confusion. Another ten minutes of pushing and she was holding a second baby. "It's a boy." She said with a smile before handing him to me.

"Please tell me there isn't a third." I said. She shook her head. Relief filled me.

"Nope now it's the placentas." She said. After about twenty minutes they were out and I looked at Blake.

"What should we name the girl? I know we decided Luke for a boy but we never talked about girl names." I said. He thought for a moment.

"Luke and Nova." He said and I smiled.

"That sounds perfect." I said. Landon left shortly after they were born but Blake had stayed. We talked for a little before I decided I needed a nap. Blake took the babies home while I slept. A few hours later I woke up and Blake helped me into the bathroom and ran a bath for me. The water felt nice because of how cold it was in the house and outside. About an hour later Blake handed me a towel, then helped me up onto the toilet.

"I left clothes on the sink for you. Please for the love of god sit down while you get changed." He said. I changed very slowly because I didn't want to make any sudden moves.

"Blake, come help me to bed." I said through the door which immediately opened. He wrapped his arm around my waist and then put my arm around his head.  I talked with Blake for a few minutes while holding the babies before falling back asleep.

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