Chapter 18

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"Oh hey." I said with a laugh.
"We are good to go for tomorrow."
"Great. I made a list." I said handing it to him.
"Why do we need a cookbook, Landons mom has ones from basics on bread making, to advanced with beef."
"But is there one on deer?" I asked.
"I'm sure you could substitute beef and Venison."
"Fair enough." He laughed and sat on the couch next to me. I looked at the girls,
"Do you guys want to go collect eggs while Blake divides meat?"
"Sure. Did they manage to get bigger buckets?" Ava asked Looking at Blake.
"We did. And we got a bunch of jars, and even a lobster pot for the milk." he responded
"But the eggs." Ava said. Blake stood up then disappeared for a minute. He returned with five or six egg cartons.
"Does this work for the princess?" He said with a smile.
"It's perfect." Ava said taking them from him. He also brought out the pot so I could milk the cow.
"Thanks babe. Separate the meat into the larger containers that are under the island so that we can have a nice meal that isn't packaged."
"Okay." He responded. We all went outside, the girls and I headed to the animals and him heading to the deer.
"Hey Ava." I said after I finished the cow.
"What's up?" She responded looking up.
"Can you and Liv plant the seeds today while I cook dinner?"
"We're done with the eggs so we can do it now."
"I'll help you then" I said pulling the seeds out of my pocket, there were tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, potatoes, squash and zucchini. We went to the garden on the other side of the house, a side I have never been on, and found a garden already in full bloom, with lots of tomato lettuce and cucumber, everything else was just starting to grow, the only thing that I didn't see was potatoes, but the girls could plant them later. We had plenty of food so none of us were starving, but tonight, we would have a nice meal, a salad with a homemade dressing that I've made since I was younger, venison, and corn. We went back inside to start boiling the milk and to put the eggs in the fridge then grab the old bucket that we had used for the milk and the eggs and went to the garden I watched the girls pick the things that were ready, and put them in the bucket while I pulled the weeds. They were done about ten minutes later. We headed back inside and found five large containers, with enough meat in them to feed the six of us, just enough. I looked at Blake who was washing his hands and arms off,
"Good job babe"
"Thanks Sky." He responded, turning the water off, then drying his hands off. I put the veggies on the counter and then the containers containing the meat in the fridge. The girls headed back to the living room and when I looked out they were playing with a couple dolls. Blake and I talked in the kitchen for a little while. Not about anything in particular but just life and what it is now. We went back to the living room around 2. We sat on the couch, he rubbed my feet while I read my book. Around three Liv spoke, she was smiling and happy, hopefully, she would forget about the runner.
"Sky can we play a video game?"
"Sure, but only until five." She smiled and grabbed the controller and handed the other to Ava. I continued to read and eventually Blake picked up a book. We read until 4:30 then I got up to start dinner and Blake followed. I grabbed what I needed to make the dressing, vinegar, a little bit of oil, salt pepper and a little honey.
"Blake can you wash the things to make a salad?"
"Sure thing." I made the dressing and put it in a jar, then in the fridge, I grabbed a container and a cooking sheet. I didn't know what to put on the deer so I just put some salt, pepper and oil on it. Then put it in the oven. I planned on checking it every couple minutes. I've had it before so I knew what it should look like but I just had no idea how long to cook it for. I took it out ten minutes later and it was done. So I asked Blake to throw together a salad while I grabbed plates. I put five of the cubes on each plate along with some corn that I heated on the stove. Blake put some salad on them and I put them on the table, it smelled good. I brought Novas and Landon's to them along with more advil. Landon looked much better, Nova did not. I went back out and called the girls. We devoured everything that was cooked, saving maybe three cubes for duke, cleaned up and went back to the living room.
"Monopoly anyone?" Blake asked picking it up.
"Sure." I nodded and the girls did too. Since Liv was so young, Ava would often be her teammate, while playing games. We finished the game in two and a half hours and the girls seemed exhausted. I put it back where it belonged and the girls went off to bed. It was 7:43. Blake and I grabbed a book and the small disk radio and went to our room. We played a little music for an hour, while we talked more and more, then I turned it off and opened my book. I had only gotten through seven pages before Blake spoke,
"Soo, you up for round two?" I smiled and let out a soft giggle,
"Let's make out and see where it goes." He nodded and I put my book down, we made out for probably an hour when it started to get hot and heavy. The night turned into a night of passion. Around midnight we fell asleep considering the run we had to make tomorrow.

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