Chapter 60

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I let the boys explain who Tom was while I led the cow into the pasture along with the sheep. The pen was very big. It was large enough for all the animals to comfortably move around and for the horses to run. I took the ropes off them and they just stood there. I nudged the sheep slightly and it walked. The cow then went to join the other cow that we had. I closed the gate and started back to the house before being stopped by Ami.

"Hey Skylar." She said with a smile.

"Hey." I replied returning the smile.

"On your next run can I come? My moms birthday is in a few days and I want to get her something." She asked. I thought for a second.

"Sure why don't you ask your parents and we can go now. We can go to the CVS and take the horses if that's okay with you." She nodded and went to her house. I went to my house and told Blake. He didn't argue but instead gave me a kiss.

"Be safe." He handed me two backpacks and a gun for both of us. I walked back to the pasture  and Ami was standing there waiting. I handed her a backpack and a gun and led her to the horses. I let her ride Majesty while I led Rebel out of the pasture. I closed it behind us and Gavin opened the gate for us.

"So when's your moms birthday?"

"June 25. I've been keeping track of the days." She replied. I nodded. We made small talk for the rest of the short ride. There was a car in the parking lot that wasn't normally there so Ami and I went and put the horses in a fenced in backyard. We walked through the backyards of the houses and waited behind the store. A few minutes later we heard the car start and pull away.

"Wait here I'll make sure they're gone." I said.

"No you're pregnant. What if they're dangerous?" Ami asked.

"I know what to do. I'll be fine."

"I'm coming with you."

"Fine. We do not tell anyone what happened Blake and your parents don't need to worry about other people. There's already zombies. We shouldn't have to worry about people." I told her and she nodded. We walked in and heard shuffling in the back. It was a man mid thirties most likely and very well built. We pulled our guns out and I spoke, "Turn around slowly." He didn't move. "Turn around." All of a sudden he charged. He didn't have the glowing red eyes that zombies had this was a human. He tackled me to the ground and my gun went flying. I hit my head relatively hard on the ground but not hard enough to give me a concussion. He landed two or three punches before Ami was able to kick him off me. She did her best to keep him down as I scrambled for my gun. I grabbed it and shot him without a second thought. I felt something trickle down my face I reached up and touched it and looked down at my hand, blood. Of course. I assumed my lip was split as well. I looked at Ami who looked to me then behind me in horror. I turned around and there was another man with the same crazed look in his eye. I shot him as well before he could make any other move.

"Oh my god! Skylar are you okay?" Ami asked extremely concerned. I felt my stomach then my face before nodding.

"Go get what you came here for I'll go look for a few things we might need. Be careful you saw how quietly he snuck up behind me." She nodded and we each went to a different place. I got some more canned food and Ami had gotten a necklace that looked like it had a fake blue crystal on it and some things for Neil.

"Ready?" I asked and she nodded. She was still clearly shaken up but she wasn't hurt. We walked back to the horses and mounted.

"You're going to tell Blake what happened right?" She asked.

"I kind of have to. I also need to make sure my stomach is okay." I told her and we pushed the horses into a gallop. It started to rain about halfway back and we were soaked by the time we put the horses back and got to our houses. I walked in and everyone's eyes went straight to my face.

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