Chapter 65

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"Partner up. Since they're is an odd number one of you can pair with me." I ended up being with Ami since she was the oldest. Liv and Hunter paired, Ava and Jordan paired, and Evan and Parker paired. "Okay first I'm going to show you some dodges. Ami lightly throw a punch." She threw it and I ducked to the left. "Now I will throw a punch after I dodge and Ami will dodge." I lightly went to uppercut her which she easily dodged. We did that for about an hour before we moved onto evading zombies. I showed them the easy way to avoid normal zombies was to get them off of your scent trial. They had poor eyesight but the had incredible hearing and we all thought that  they could smell you.

"If it's more than you can comfortably take down then you want to run, quietly and find a hiding spot. If they can't see or hear you they will move onto a different area eventually." I stated before saying, "so for this we are playing hide and seek. All of the adults are the zombies. You have thirty seconds." With that they all ran. I went to the three houses and told the others that the kids were hiding now. We all spread around the fenced area and I found Hunter and Liv first. They hid under one of the house porches together. They were silent but the flash of color had caught my eye.

"Alright well let's find the others." I said as I helped them up.

"I thought we were quiet." Liv sighed.

"You were silent. I saw Hunters red shirt." I told them as we walked around.

"So do we need to wear dark colors?" Hunter asked.

"They normally wouldn't be able to see you unless it was a swift or a runner." I explained. We found Ami next. She was with the animals and I heard her sneeze. Then we found Jordan then Parker then Evan then Ava. We spent the afternoon practicing evasion strategies. The kids figured out how to climb trees with very few lower branches and they learned how to dodge. Tomorrow we would focus on basic math and English. I let the kids go around five before heading to the kitchen.

"Hey Skylar." Jane said.

"Hey. You guys need help? I'm bored out of my mind." I said.

"Well if you wanted to chop up some vegetables." Jane said. We had gotten the greenhouse up and running by some miracle a couple months ago and it was just starting to produce fresh fruit and vegetables. The boys were going to start to work on the barn within the next few days.

"Sounds good." I said grabbing a knife and a couple carrots and potatoes. I peeled the potatoes and carrots and cut them. "What are we making tonight?" I asked Edna.

"Well we are going to do mashed potatoes, venison and carrots and leave the leftovers in the fridge incase someone was hungry even with the food that we leave out."

"Sounds like a plan." I said. All of a sudden Blake burst through the door yelling my name. I ran over.

"Skylar come with me." He said practically dragging me with him. He brought me to the fence and that's when I saw her.

"MOM!" I screamed as I ran to her and started crying.

"Skylar. I've missed you so much." She said hugging me.

"How did you find us?" I asked.

"Well when things went bad I started looking for strongholds to stay at and then I remembered your grandparents lived in this area. I was walking along the fence when I saw Blake. Which it's nice to see you too hun." She said and smiled at him.

"You too Kerry." He replied. I spent the rest of the day catching up with my mother. I introduced her to everyone Neil being the last one.

"Is he yours?" She asked me.

"No. We found him a little less than a year ago while on a run. His parents were about to turn." I explained.

"Well you have a bun in the oven right now. I assume Blakes the father." She said and I nodded. "How far along are you?" She asked

"About 5 and a half months." I told her.

"You're a little big for 5 and a half. You look closer to seven. Are you sure?"

"I am positive I checked the day I was late and that was about 5 months ago."

"Alright." She said. Jane and Edna had offered to let her live with them. My mom would be a great teacher for the kids to learn some basic medical training because she was a nurse in the emergency room at a trauma center. She taught me everything I know. Well everything I didn't learn in med school. No one ended up going to bed until at least eleven that night as we talked to my mother.

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