Chapter 12

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It took about ten or fifteen minutes to pack up my room before I headed to Nova and Landons room, they weren't there so I packed all of their clothes into the duffle bags when that was done I grabbed all the drawstring bags and all but two backpacks. I headed to the pantry where we left everything food related, I began taking everything out of the boxes and putting them into bags, I filled up three backpacks with the things I took out of boxes I put them by the door. I put the canned goods in the drawstring bags along with the pasta and sauce. Those filled up all five of the drawstring bags. I went upstairs and went into the bathroom with a smallish blue bin that had a lid. I emptied boxes of toothpaste, and the few medical supplies that we had. I threw floss and our toothbrushes in along with the last three rolls of toilet paper. I closed the lid and went to grab another bin, in this one held detergent, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and dish soap. I packed up the dogs bags of food and his small box of toys and his bowls and put them in the pile as well. I went back upstairs and I brought the bins downstairs one at a time and in another bin I began folding Nova and Landons two blankets and putting them in. I managed to fit two pillows in it and sat on the lid to close it. I brought it downstairs and grabbed another bin and filled it with games and as many books as I could fit. I managed to fit almost all of the books in i didnt bother to put the lid on it figuring that I could probably wrap one of my blankets around it. I brought it downstairs and put it with the rest, I looked at the pile, three backpacks, five drawstring bags, three storage bins and bags of dog food. I went back to my room and checked my watch, 8:30. I woke up Blake.

"I packed up everything, Except the girls things, I'll wait until they wake up." I gave him a quick kiss. He nodded and I laid back down to try and take a nap. I managed to sleep until like nine when the girls came in. I went into their room to explain what was going on, "Today we're gonna leave here and find a new place to live."

"But why? It's so nice here." Liv asked confused.

"Remember the zombies that came by yesterday?" She nodded. "We don't want more zombies to come through so we're moving. I have a two backpacks to put your clothes and toys in."

"Could you help us pack?" Ava asked.

"Of course. Do you two want to pack the toys and I'll pack your clothes?"

"Sure." They got up and began emptying the toy box full of barbies, dinos, legos, and some doll clothes. They fit most of it in the backpack and I was almost done filling the other backpack when they finished. They sat there quietly waiting for me to finish. I was done a few minutes later. I folded up their blankets and grabbed their small pillows. I headed to my room to find Blake wide awake, folding the towels and blankets.

"Toss me the blankets and the pillows."

"Sure thing love." He threw the blanket and it landed over my head and both pillows hit me in the face.  I laughed and the girls did too and grabbed the pillows from the ground. I took the blanket off my head and folded all three of them and put them into the last bin. I fit the four small pillows on it, the girls had to sit on the lid so that it would shut. Blake brought it downstairs, and everyone pulled out a book to read. I let Liv pick a book that I would read to her. She picked 'It'.

"Can you help me read this one." She asked eagerly. I smiled.

"Of course I can." She started to read and  helped her with the words she didn't know. At around 11 Nova and Landon pulled in and in the back were several cases of water and a new backpack most likely full of mechanical things, there was also a couple small solar panels. The jerry cans were there and full. The six cases of water were stacked by two. And in between them were the panels. The jerry cans were lined against the side. Then I saw a large black canvas and my eyes it up. It was a cover for the back of my truck so that we didn't have to worry about the rain. Blake and I went outside, leaving the girls inside, and helped get the canvas on. It took awhile but we did it. I climbed under it and the others handed me bins and bags to load up. We managed to fit everything in. I moved the jerry cans to the front and hopped down.

"So the front seats are huge. We can take four hour driving shifts and the other three can sit in the back. The girls can share the one seat up front. That's what's gonna be the comfiest." I said.

""Works perfectly." Around noon we piled into the car. I put the knifes and the ammo and guns into the glove box and Blake volunteered to drive first. No one disagreed I grabbed my book before handing one to Ava and a more childlike book to Liv. I helped them get into the truck which was pretty high off the ground then climbed into the back. About three minutes later we were on the road. We kept ourselves busy by reading or listening to one of the few cds that we had. We talked and made plans. After Blake took his shift then Nova took hers. I was sitting in the middle and leaned into Blake and yawned. The girls have been asleep since around 2:30 and Landon was only still awake to give directions from a map that my father had given me months ago. Blake looked down at me and i quickly leaned up and kissed him. He whispered,

"Why don't you take a nap baby. There's nothing that you need to do so you can relax for once." I yawned once again and nodded . He rubbed my head and I drifted off into a deep dreamless sleep. I woke up once the car stopped at nine. Nova had apparently asked if she could drive for a little while longer and Landon agreed. He took the next driving shift since I had been asleep. The girls were awake, chatting away with Landon. Nova crawled in next to me and as soon as the door shut Landon started driving.

"Hey sky, if you don't want to drive it's only about seven or eight more hours, I can drive the rest of the way."

"I can drive once you get tired." I said, sitting up rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

"Nonsense, you packed up basically the entire house today, you deserve some rest." I nodded and didn't disagree I was exhausted and I had no idea why. I looked down and saw a backpack on the floor next to Duke. Nova noticing my confusion said,

"The girls wanted something to eat and drink so we grabbed one of the backpacks and a few bottles of water at around five."

"Jesus how long have I been asleep?"

"Almost seven hours." Blake said.

"That's more sleep than I normally get."

"It's probably because you know you're safe in a moving car. I nodded and put my head back onto Blakes shoulders. "Go back to sleep Sky you need your beauty sleep." Nova said with a smile.

"Oh shut up." I laughed. Duke had moved from the backseat to the front seat to sleep at the girls feet. And I no longer felt his soft little body on my foot. She shook her head.

"Would we even be friends if I didn't tease you?"

"Nope." I said with another laugh. A little while later I was asleep once again. I somehow slept through the rest of the ride. We had to take a lot of back roads, so instead of being there at four or five in the morning we got there at eight in the morning.

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