Chapter 41

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I rolled over to find Blake not in the room with me. I checked my watch 7:30. I got up and walked downstairs to see everybody sitting at the table talking about plans for today.

"Morning guys." I said with a yawn.

"Good morning. We're making a plan for today." Blake said looking at me with a smile.

"Nice. What do we have so far?" I asked walking up to Blake and wrapping my arms around his waist.

"Well we wanted to get the solar panels first. We are getting low on gas and it's starting to get old. There may be a way I can make the car run on solar energy. It may take some time but I can try it." Landon said looking up from what I was assuming was his plan.

"Alright well solar panels today then. And we can figure out mattress when you get the car running on solar energy." I said. "Who is going today?"

"I was thinking all the kids and Kelly could stay here and you, Landon, Luke, and I could go." Blake stared before adding, "if you're feeling up to it."  I thought about it for a second. My belly was kind of hurting from all the things I've been doing lately but I didn't want to stay I wanted to get out a little more.

"I'll come." I said. "Maybe there will be some kind of medical center that we can go through and take some supplies or we can go through a pharmacy and see if they have painkillers just in case."

"Perfect. Why don't we start getting bags loaded into the car." Luke said standing and going to grab three bags for each person going.

"Sky. Don't forget the blender." Ava added.

"I won't but write it on my hand just in case." I said handing her a marker we found earlier. We said goodbyes and I grabbed a baggy of jerky and a book and headed to the car. I handed out a couple pieces of jerky to everyone as we started driving. Luke and Landon were sitting upfront and Blake and I were in the back. I leaned into him as I read my book and he put his arm around me and kissed my head. We stayed like this until we found a CVS pharmacy about an hour later.

"Well we have arrived at one of our destinations." Landon said hopping out of the car followed by the rest of us. "Sky what do we need?"

"Umm go to the medical isle and grab pain killers, bandaids, icy-hot packs, and pretty much anything that looks like we could use. While you three go on a run tomorrow I plan on setting up the infirmary." I said as I bashed the glass in with my gun.

"Alright. Well we all know the drill. No guns unless absolutely necessary, in and out in less than 20." Blake said knocking the rest of the glass out of the door. We all had one bag that we would fill then trade out when it got full. They went to the medical area once we made sure the store was clear and I went to the fridge area. I filled my bag with water bottles and went to grab my other bag which I then filled with Cheerios, and anything that hadn't gone bad. My last bag was for the kids. I went to the school supply section and grabbed four notebooks a couple packs of colored pens, pencils and markers. I grabbed a couple sketch books and then went to toys. I filled the rest of the duffle bag with baby toys for Neil. We needed to go to a larger store soon to get clothes for him and food. I put that in the car and went to grab a blender. After I was done I went behind the register and grabbed a few bags. I went back to the food section and filled two bags with more food and water then the other two bags I filled with toothpaste, toothbrushes, a hair brush, scissors and soaps. I put them in the car then went to see what the boys were doing. They had brought their 9 bags in at once and 5 of them were filled.

"What do you guys have?" I asked. They all jumped, I assume because they hadn't heard me approach.

"One is filled with all the Tylenol, Advil, ibuprofen, and some other pain killers. The others are filled with first aid kits, ace bandages, braces for your legs and a couple for arms, and all the icy hot on the shelves." Luke replied.

"Sweet well we need to hit a Walmart on the way back so we can head out now." I said grabbing two of the bags.

"Okay Do you want to check the Pharmacy and see if there's anything there?" Landon asked and I quickly shook my head.

"No they're prescribed and if we take something and don't know what's in it we could end up getting really sick." I do want to grab a few of the containers that are most likely in the back so we can put things into more organized clusters." I said and they all nodded.

"Well they can take the things to the car and we can get the back room." Blake said to me.

"Alright. We will be in the car in 5." I said. We went to the back room and the door was unlocked probably because of the power and there was no alarm either which surprised me even more. I went to grab two empty bins while Blake did the same and we went to the car. After everything was loaded into the car I looked behind us and there was at least 10 zombies making their way down the road. They weren't moving fast but they were coming this way. "Guys we need to move fast theres about 10-15 zombies coming this way and we do not have enough ammo to take them out." I said.

"Well then get in the damn car."Landon said jogging around to the drivers side and Luke getting up front while Blake and I hopped in the back. We drove for another 30 minutes before getting to a Walmart.

"Should we even stop right now or should we stop on the way back?" Blake asked.

"We can stop now. I know what we need." I said as Landon parked. "To get in and out as fast as possible Luke go get some underwear and a couple things of clothes for all the boys and a jacket for Jordan and Parker, Landon go see if there's anything else we might need in medicine, Blake get clothes, diapers, and wipes for Neil. I'm getting a couple things for Kelly and some things for the rest of the girls and Duke. Luke and Landon, when you are done go to the baby section and get a crib for Neil." I ordered grabbing a bag and running into the store. I broke the glass with a large rock sitting outside. I quickly cleared the store and went to women's. I grabbed a large duffel bag and filled it with some shirts for me, Kelly, and the girls and underwear for all of us. After that was full I went to the pet section and grabbed filled the bag with toys for Duke. I was about to zip my backpack when I head a growl. I looked down towards the end of the isle and saw a zombie walking towards me. I got out me knife and ran towards it. I stabbed it in the head and it fell to the ground. I brought my bags to the car and took off towards the store to see the boys struggling with the box and their bags.

"We need to go. Give me your bags and you three can get the crib." I said. They slid their bags off their backs and took off at a jog through the store. I grabbed the bags and followed. We just threw everything into the backseat and I got in the drivers seat. As soon as the doors were all closed I drove.

"Well that was a quick way to get us out. What happened?" Landon asked me.

"Well apparently I didn't do that good of a job clearing the store because when I was getting things for Duke a zombie was growling at the other end of the isle and I didn't know how many other zombies were still in there." I said.

"Thanks for getting us out quick then." Luke said. I nodded and we rode the rest of the way in silence. We got to the store and loaded the panels into the trailer and we were heading home about three hours later. Luke ended up driving while Landon took shotgun and I was in the back with Blake. My watch read three and we had about a four hour ride home.

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