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Chapter 59 Part I

I didn't know what to think or feel.
I just wanted my last and only question to be answered right now.

"Was this before or after you fell in love with me?"

His eyes shifted to the side,
After awhile, his gaze fell back on me.

"I-I don't know."
He whispered under his breathe.
He was telling the truth.

My tears finally escalated.
I shifted my eyes to the floor.
I didn't know what to say.

What could I have said?

He called my name
And my stupid heart bounced again.





He reached out to grab
My hands that rested on my thighs.


I shouted.

His movements paused,
My breathing became thick.

"Just. Stop."
I said to myself,
Putting a fist over my heart.

His gaze lowered and he retrieved himself.

I said, this time to him.
"I need to be by myself for a moment."

He gulped, then finally said.

He stood up from the couch
and reached for his coat
And phone on the counter.

"Ill stay out tonight."
He turned towards the door
And slowly, he was slowly leaving the room.

Then he stopped
And took a look back.
"I do love you, Lilia."


It stopped


My heart.

Chapter 59 Part II

He left.

I opened my cabinet and poured myself some vodka.

I tilt my head back again and again
And left it go down my body.

It was numbing the pain
But it wasn't filling the hole.

I drank until I couldn't
And until it helped me sleep.

The next morning,
I woke up with a hangover.

I got missed calls and a text from Joseph.
I opened up his message.
"Can I still get mad at you for not showing up to work even though youre my boss's wife."

His sarcastic tone made me smile a little
But it quickly went away.

I didn't know what to do or feel.
Right after, Mr. Cain called me.

"I would like to talk to you, Ms Mafillia."

I went down to my local coffee shop.
It was the shop I always had my afternoon tea every Saturday with Mr. Cain.

The waitress greeted me as I entered the shop.
"Good Afternoon, Ms. Mafillia."
She knew me because me and Mr. Cain were regulars.

"Good Afternoon, Alayna."
I greeted her back.

"It's not a Saturday today but it's nice seeing you."
She said as she took out her note and pencil.
"Your usual?"

I nodded and she wrote my order on her notes.
"He's at his usual spot."
She said as she walked towards the kitchen.

"Thank you."
I said as I walked towards our usual spot.

As Mr. Cain's vision came to view,
And his on mine,
He stood up from his seat.
"Good afternoon, Ms. Sterling."

I was surprised
From the way he greeted me
But I didnt think much of it.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Cain."
I smiled and sat down,
As did he.

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