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He smiled
and I fell
like the first time I met him.

I pressed my lips together,
Fighting my inner self that always showed mercy to him.

I said, glaring up at him.

His eyes widened.
"Are you mad at me?"


He sighed.
"You've been acting strange ever since this morning."

Because I know,
I know what you've done.
"No, Im just not feeling well."

His eyes narrowed,
His brows stuck together.

"Then, I'm going to leave now.
Bye Shawn."
I said, turning my heel.

"Lilia, wait."
He called my name once more.

I asked with my head down, eyes fixed on the floor.

"Let's have dinner together.
I made an appointment."

I looked up at him,
Eyes widened.
"What? Really?"
I almost yelled in excitement but keep my voice relatively calm.

He smiled.
"Yeah. John will pick you up after work in the parking lot."

I couldn't hold back my smile.

I know I shouldnt forgive him so quickly and easily
But I can't help myself.

He is the one I love.
I couldnt force myself to stay mad at him.

And he knew exactly how and what to do to make me fall for him
Over again.



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