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Chapter 27 Part I

Ive been avoiding him for a week.
I don't wait for him anymore
Nor do I cook breakfast or dinner
Because he has never once eaten them.

I prepare lunch for him
But I still don't know if he even eats it.

During the week,
I've been hanging out with Jake and Ashley often.

I would go home late, probably around 1am,
Sometimes he would be in his room,
Sometimes he wouldn't even be home.

I lock myself in my room and sleep.

I haven't seen him for awhile,
I would hear him walking around the apartment
Or to go to work

But I haven't seen him
Nor heard his voice.


Chapter 27 Part II

A broken cracked voice called my name.

I looked in the direction of the voice.
My eyes widened and I laughed.
It was my team leader Joshua.

"What's wrong?"
I asked.

He pointed at his throat.
"I lost my voice."
He slowly said with his sick cracked voice.

I laughed then I realized he had a meeting today.
"How are you going to present the new plan to the President today?"

He smirked,
Raised his brow and looked at me.

I stared at him.

"You are my one and only secretary."
He said.

I gave him a shy awkward smile.
"I cant."

"We both planned and finalized the idea together. No one knows it better than you and I."
He explained through his broken voice.

I thought for a moment.
"I have stage fright."

"It's only a meeting with the President and his secretary."

I clenched my hands into a fist.

"Great. Let's go."

I nodded and followed him up to the highest floor of the building
And into the meeting room.

We walked in and it was empty.
I sighed in relief.
I didn't want to see him.

We prepared the paperworks on the table and the door opened.

John was holding the door for Shawn as he walked in.

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