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Chapter 46 Part I

I walked towards the couch and sat beside him.
"Are you sure you can have today off?"

It's been a week since my birthday
And we are getting along just fine.

Well, that's what I hoped
But the past week,
It was the same old same.

Since I found out he wasn't cheating on me and he actually liked me,
I thought we would be able to spend some
Lovey-dovey moments together but it was the same as before.
He was as busy as always.

So I was surprised when he didn't go to work today,
And I have a day off today as well.

He said with a monotone voice,
Keeping his eyes fixed on his iPad.

"What are you doing?"
I asked.

He replied again with one word.

Maybe I'm disturbing him.

I quietly sighed and stood up to fetch some apple juice.

He started and I looked back.
"Do you have any plans today?"
He asked with his eyes still fixed on his tablet.

"No, not particularly."
I replied, opening my refrigerator and pouring out a glass of apple juice.

He started again, hesitantly.


Chapter 46 Part II

He hesitated.
"Do you want to go on a date today."

I swung my body around and looked at him,
His eyes still fixed on his tablet
But I smiled
At his ears that tinted the color of red.

He slowly and hesitantly lifted his gaze to meet mine.

I nodded in agreement
And he showed me a faint smile.
"Where do you want to go?"

There was one place I wanted to go but never gotten the chance to and that was
Disney World.

But that would be pushing it.
It would take 2 hours by plane.

"Hmm, anywhere is fine."
I said.

He nodded.
"Then, let's get ready.
Wear summer apparel."

I tilted my head.
"It's autumn weather outside."

"The place we're going to is hot."
He said, walking towards his room.

I asked.

He replied and blushed,
"You've always wanted to go to Disney World, haven't you?"

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