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After work,
I headed home.

The whole day was depressing.

I laid on my couch,
Thinking of scenarios

Both good
And bad

I dialed his number,
Unable to hold it in
But like always, it went to voicemail.

"Shawn, come home."
I whispered into the phone
And hung up.

I dialed John's number.
"Hi, Ms. Sterling. How can I help you?"

I smiled upon hearing John's voice.
He has always been so kind to me.

"John, is Shawn still at work?"
I asked, knowing the answer
But I needed confirmation.

"Huh? I thought he had a dinner date with you?"
And there it was,

the confirmation.


Chapter 25 Part II

I denied and thanked him.

And right after,
He called back
And I couldn't force myself to not answer,
So I did.

I deadpan.

"Lilia, what happened?"
My heart thumped upon hearing his voice.

I gulped.
"Come home."

It was probably my first time telling him to come home.

He remained silent for a few moments
Before answering,
"Right now? I can't-"

"Come home right now."
I cut him off.

I hung up the phone,
not wanting to hear his reply
Or excuses.

My phone rang, and I picked up instantly upon looking at the caller ID
[Mr. Cain]


"Ms. Mafilla, about Ms. Valentine...."



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