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Chapter 44 Part I

"Shawn and I have,"
She started, and I gulped.

I want to say I'm ready to hear it,
But I'm not.

Even though I already know,
it was the truth,
Im not ready to hear it
No, I didn't want to hear it.

"Babe, I'll explain."
Michael cut his wife off.

I was confused.

"Shawn and I have collaborated to introduce a new perfume to the public."
Michael stated.
"This perfume will be both sold in Valentine stores and samples will be offered in all Sterling Hotels."

I was confused so I responded in the most business way.
"When is the collaboration going to begin? Isn't it better to discuss with Joshua"

Michael chuckled.
"It's already been finalized.
The perfume will be promoted and launched today at midnight."

Now, I was really confused.
Im the planning team leader's secretary and I haven't heard of this.

"Wait, Joshua-"

"He doesn't know.
No one in the company knows."
Shawn cut me off, not looking at me.

"Shawn and my company have privately planned this for the past 3 months."
Michael said while Krystal smiled wider.

I looked at Shawn,
His head was turned away from mine,
Like he was purposely not letting me see his expression.

"All for today."
Krystal said.
"For your birthday."

Without seeing his face,
I saw it,
The color of his ear turning into the shade
Of light crimson.

Chapter 44 Part II

"All for your birthday."
Krystal stated.

And even though I was still a bit confused,
I knew.

He wasn't lying.

I looked in my husband's direction,
Looking for the answer to my slight confusion even though they have explained everything.

I needed to know,
To hear it once more,
Those three words.

His head was turned away from mine,
But I saw it.
Without looking through his eyes,
Or hearing the words from his mouth,

I knew
From the shade of crimson on his ear that connects to his cheeks.

I knew
And I smiled,
Grabbing onto the sleeve of his quality suit.

I lowered my gaze
As he slowly turned his head in my direction.

Now this time,
I was unable to look at him in the eye.

He said
As the sound of glass clicking resonated.

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