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I cried as the rollercoaster rapidly went downhill.

Then, I shut my mouth when I came to the realization that flies might fly in my mouth.

Then I heard a scream that was two times louder than my own.
Sitting beside me, he cried.

I laughed, holding my stomach.
"You were louder than me."

He stood there,
His lips pierced.
"Let's go on another ride."
He said with no emotion, turning around.

I smiled.
He's embarrassed.

I reached for his hand
and intertwined it with mine.

He tightens the hold of my hand.
I chuckled.
"Let's go on another rollercoaster."

He said almost immediately, his face turning a slight colour of red.

I laughed.

"I want cottoncandy."
I said.

He glanced at me with the corner of his eye
And looked in front of him once again.

"And I want to go on the ferris wheel."

His face tinted even more red.

"And I want to go on another rollercoaster."

His eyes met mine,
And I widened my eye,

His frown curved up a bit for a slight moment.
He said as he held onto my hand
And looked towards the scenery.

I smiled as I walked closer towards him,
Feeling his warmth.


The me with you at that time
Was happy.



It's not a lot but it means so much to me! THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

Love Sakuna 💕

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