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Shawn's POV


This is Shawn."
Her father introduced us over a family dinner.

Her eyes fell on me.
It glistened,
And her cheeks rose to a shade of pink
And I knew.

I chuckled,
From her innocence and cuteness.

"What's so funny, son?"
My father who sat beside me asked.

"Hm, nothing."
I answered.


"So, what do you think of her?"
My father asked me when we arrived home.

I glanced up at him,
"Nothing much."
I brushed him off with a grin.

He noticed my grin and smiled.
"I like her, she seems down to earth and innocent."

Ah, there was that word again.
I thought the same.

"I see."
I replied.

"Do you want me to set up a date for you two?"
Father said while he looked at his phone.
"It seems that her father has taken a liking to you."

"So? Another date or no?"
He asked again.

Father has always respected my decision.

I headed up the stairs and grinned.


I waited for her near the entrance of the aquarium.

I was about 10 minutes early.
I want to see her.

I thought she would be late
But when I arrived, she was already there.

I approached her.
Her eyes were on her phone,
She checked her surrounding constantly,
Searching for my image.

Her eyes laid on me
And she smiled,
Running towards me.

She called out,
Her voice small despite her trying to yell.

I shoved my hands in my pocket and bit my lip.

She kept her smile on as she greeted me.

I bit my lower lip harder,
Trying to submerge my feelings from surfacing.

I said, my tone colder than I have expected it to be.

Oh no.
That was a bad tone.
I thought to myself
But she just kept smiling.
But her eyes showed a bit of hurt.

I screwed up.

She laughed.
"Shawn, let's go in."
She gently grabbed my arm.

I simply nodded in agreement,
Not wanting to make another mistake.


"Shawn, look!
She said in excitement, pointing.

I smiled at her excitement
But quickly hid it by turning my face away.
"Yeah, they're pretty."
I said, trying to keep my voice as calm as ever.

We've spent good 2 hours
In the aquarium and
The time passed by with her in awe.

I checked the time and noticed I had to go.
"Lilia, I have to go soon."
I said.

Her face that lightened up
Slowly withered in a frown,
Her eyes asking me

But she didn't ask
and simply replied with a smile,

We walked out of the aquarium,
She skipped in front as I followed.

Her footsteps quickened
And she stood before a booth that sold jewelries.

I walked over beside her
As she tried on one of the rings.

I wasn't a fan of jewelry.
Shifting my gaze from the jewelry to her,
I thought,
Would she really like these fake cheap rings?

I could tell she liked them from the sparkle in her eye.

"This one is very popular with the couples."
The salesperson said, holding a ring delicately between his fingers.

Lilia shifted her gaze from the ring on her finger to the ring presented by the salesperson.

"This is a couple ring?"
She said, her face blushed.
"Where's the other ring?"

The salesperson chuckled.
He said, snapping the ring in his hand
And it became two.
"Together, it is a ring and when you separate it, it becomes two rings."

I watched her expression,
Her eyes widened
And shined.

She gently held the two rings,
Slowly turning her head to face me.
Her gaze met mine
But her lips remained pierced.

She asked through her eyes.
"Can we get them?"

She awaited my response,
Without actually asking me.


I cleared my throat
And pressed my lips together.

"Let's get them then."
I said in a monotone voice
Trying my best to remain calm.

I paid the man $20
In exchange for the rings.

I snapped the two rings apart and gave her the one that looked more feminine.

She smiled.

and I felt it thumped

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and I felt it thumped.



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