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Chapter 37 Part I

It was 6pm
And I got ready for the dinner with father in law.

I dressed up for the occasion,
Wearing a white above knee dress
With black heels.

I walked out of my bedroom
And I saw Shawn sitting on the couch
In his navy blue suit,
Which he matched with a pink heart designed tie.

He noticed my presence,
And turned around to look at me.

His eyes widened,
He smiled when his eyes landed on me
And my heart thumped.

He walked towards me,
Gently caressing my hand,
And when he noticed I didn't back away from it,
He slowly intertwined them.

It thumped again.

"Let's go."
He said and lead the way
Down the elevator and to the entrance of our condominium.

We met Harry,
Shawn designated driver.

Harry stood there holding the car door open for Shawn and I.

I got in first,
Then Shawn.

When we were seated,
He reached for my hand once again,
And I let him.

Intertwining him yet again,
I looked at him searching for his expression
But he hid it
By looking out the car window.

I looked down at our tangled hands
And smiled.

I should be mad at him.

Chapter 37 Part II

"We've arrived, sir."
Harry stated.

Shawn opened the door and helped me get out of the car.

He said, intertwining our hands yet again.

It took around 1 hour and a half to reach father in-law's mansion
And it looks the same as it did half a year ago.

I used to live here
When we were still engaged.
It was like my second home.

Shawn pulled the unlocked door open
And Anna, the head maid greeted us.

"Lilia, I missed you."
Anna hugged me and I hugged her back with my free hand.

"You too, son."
She hugged Shawn.
Anna was like Shawn second mom.
"Your father is in the kitchen waiting already."

I clenched onto Shawna hand
From the nervousness.

He noticed and held my hand tighter.

He bought his hand that held mine up
To his eye level,
He bought it closer to his face.

Pressing the back of my hand to his lips,
He gave a soft kiss on my hand.

I felt a blush rising to my cheeks.

He noticed and grinned




I can't take this much affection.

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