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Chapter 58 Part I

He's lying.
I could tell from the slight shift in his eye,
The gulp he made after,
And the nervousness he had with it.

Im not a mind reader
Nor a face reader,
But I do know him.

"Shawn, don't lie to me."
I was upfront with him.
"Tell me the truth."

He gulped again,
His head dripped,
facing the ground.
His hands intertwined,
Gripping each other hard.

He gulped again,
He called my name
And my heart shook.

I was on the edge.
"Tell me."

He raised his gaze and looked at me.
My face that was on the edge, on the verge of crying.

He gulped again
As his brows narrowed,
Showing signs of hurt.
He inhaled and exhaled
And shortly he began.
"Megan, my little sister made a mistake."

"My sister was going to break up with her boyfriend but he didn't want to leave her.
He didn't love her anymore and neither did she with him
But he was in it for the wealth.
She knew."
He explained and I knew all of this.

I knew his little sister
And I adore her.
She was four years younger,
An angel, and gifted studying abroad.

He pressed his forehead against the palms of his hands.
"She wanted to break it off bit he resisted,
He was going to rape her with the purpose of- and-"
It was hard for him to continue.
I knew but, I remained silent,
Initiating him to continue.

"She grabbed the lamp and hit him-"
He exhaled, covering his face.
"Again and again until,

He stopped."

Chapter 58 Part II

This time I gulped
As he breathed heavily.

I didn't know what to say.

"It was an act of defense
But it was also excessive that lead him to-."
He uncovered his face
And intertwined his hands again.
"It was classified as a homicide due to the excessive use of force.
And that meant jail."

He inhaled and exhaled,
Trying his best to tell me this.
"I was going to cover for her,
I was in front of the police station,
But your father."
He exhaled as he covered his face again.

He saved us."

I held in my tears.
I didn't know what to feel.
Either Shawn was going to jail
Or my father.

I didn't know what to feel.
Now that my question about my father have been answered.

I had to confirm one last thing

"Was this before or after we met?"
I asked.

He uncovered his face,
Looking at me in an unreadable face.

"Answer the question..

He gulped.

"Was this before or after we got engaged?"


I felt my tears filling up
On the curves of my eye.
"Was this before or after our marriage?"


I bit my lip.
My tears on the verge of falling down.
"Was this before or after you loved me?"


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