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"You have me

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"You have me."

I was surprised but laughed it off,
"I know. Thanks."

He raised his cup.

I clicked my cup with his
and gulped down the alcohol.

After a few more drinks,
My phone buzzed.

I looked at the notification.
[Message from Mr. Cain]

"Jake, I got to go."
I said, quickly reaching for my bag.

"Huh? Oh okay. You want a ride home?
It's past midnight."

"No, it's okay. I got a ride."
I said, placing a twenty bill on the table
and shifted myself out of my seat.

I walked out of the bar
To find Mr. Cain there
Opening the passenger seat door of his car for me.
"It's been awhile, Miss Mafillia."

I smiled.
"Yes, long time no see Mr.Cain."
I got in his car.

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