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Mystical Awakening Online: SotPM [Part 1] (CPN) by Angelvahn
Mystical Awakening Online: SotPM [...by Vasyl Park
The gaming format «R.E.M. D.I.V.E» Rapid Eye Movement, Digital interface with Virtual Environments, often called «Dream Gaming». The world's leading Game, Mystical Awake...
  • magic
  • fiction
  • videogame
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Savor The Moonlight - Book 1 | ✔ by maoiell
Savor The Moonlight - Book 1 | ✔by khadija
[completed] Harmony is empty. She doesn't speak out, nor does she do anything that could possibly spark her father and step mother's rage. Besides, isn...
  • siblings
  • bullying
  • dialogue
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『 M 』| Cell Phone Novel by SakunaS
『 M 』| Cell Phone Novelby SakunaS
I fell for him at first sight. His eyes that looked at me, his mesmerizing smile that he showed me and his voice that called my name. I loved it all. ❝I pronounce you hu...
  • josei
  • drama
  • wattys2018
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Rulekeeper (CPN) by -idxris
Rulekeeper (CPN)by ⁎°-aris.
『 Mesmetopia; 』 a 'mesmerising utopia', that was what it was called. ー Hey, you. You, out there, reading this right now. Do you play games? Have you ever wished for thos...
  • keeper
  • kill
  • magic
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Mystical Awakening Online: SotPM [Part 2] (CPN) by Angelvahn
Mystical Awakening Online: SotPM [...by Vasyl Park
The gaming format «R.E.M. D.I.V.E» Rapid Eye Movement, Digital interface with Virtual Environments, often called «Dream Gaming». The world's leading Game, Mystical Awake...
  • sciencefiction
  • fantasy
  • futuristic
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re:Happiness | Cell Phone Novel ; Completed by lastwill-
re:Happiness | Cell Phone Novel ;...by Wallen S.
「 Can you teach me how to be happy? 」 Fujiwara Ao has been living the past nineteen years of his life in ease. Born with the ideal background and blessed with...
  • talkthepoc
  • freementalillness
  • surrealism
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[EotCSM Spin-off] Heart of Magic (Completed) by ImperialSun
[EotCSM Spin-off] Heart of Magic (...by Gustavo J.
Olivia was born with incredible powers, powers that her father saw the need to seal. Now in her junior year in high school, she seeks to awaken her sealed powers. Yet, t...
  • romance
  • coming-of-age
  • reverse-harem
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Deliberately, aim for... by FairoNeko
Deliberately, aim for...by FairoNeko
Given choices, the goal is to achieve, at least, a pleasant ending. She may be naive She has a purpose She won't falter Cover: Mystic Messenger / Cheritz [This is an...
  • romance
  • cpn
  • reincarnated
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To You, in the Fifth Life. (CPN) by -idxris
To You, in the Fifth Life. (CPN)by ⁎°-aris.
『 There's no meaning in life. 』 To You, in the Fifth Life, I send this message with blessings and wishes of happiness. This torment we endured have granted us the...
  • cellphone-novel
  • angst
  • novel
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When Parallel Lines Intersect by outerspaced
When Parallel Lines Intersectby calista
complete // They were like parallel lines. They had so much in common yet they've never met. What started as a forgotten notebook and an incomplete doodle quickly turned...
  • cpn
  • forgotten
  • doodle
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Butterfly Effect  【《バタフライ効果》】(CPN) ƸӜƷ  by _kuromatryoshka_
Butterfly Effect 【《バタフライ効果》】(CPN)...by ♡! 𝕙𝕒𝕟𝕒𝕞𝕚 !♡
"Words are hollow and meaningless without actions. Promises are broken. I'm willing to take the risk in trusting you... don't make me regret it." ƸӜƷƸӜƷƸӜƷƸӜƷƸ...
  • cpn
  • highschool
  • japan
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Soleil And Moonlight - Book 2  |  ✔ by maoiell
Soleil And Moonlight - Book 2 | ✔by khadija
[ It was as if the only goddamned way for Harmony to grow was if Orsai was chained to her bed. ] Orsai is alive. Bedridden, but still brea...
  • islam
  • islamophobia
  • racism
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『Childhood Friend Curse』| A Cell Phone Novel by 64Usagidoki
『Childhood Friend Curse』| A Cell P...by Rabbit Heartbeat
Haruo has always been in love with his childhood friend Yukihiko, however, to maintain their close friendship he plays off any signs of his feelings as a joke. When Yuki...
  • cpn
  • friendswithbenefits
  • boyxboy
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Through Viridian Seas by salmonskinroll
Through Viridian Seasby 鰻 ; unagi // awol
❝ the world has taken away who i really am. who i want to be. ❞ in which loneliness is washed away by a sea of blue-green beauty. ❄girlxgirl❄a cellphone novel❄complete❄ ...
  • lgbtq
  • life
  • thesea
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Cell Phone Novel: A Guide by CellPhoneNovel
Cell Phone Novel: A Guideby The Cell Phone Novel Network
Everything to know about writing a cell phone novel. Learn about the structures and styles of one of the biggest literary movement from Japan. An in-depth guides on how...
  • guide
  • guidebook
  • 携帯小説
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un:Happiness | Cell Phone Novel by lastwill-
un:Happiness | Cell Phone Novelby Wallen S.
「 In the end, were we happy, or unhappy? 」 For an entire year, Kusakabe Leo has been haunted by his feelings of regret. After failing to save a beloved friend...
  • happiness
  • comingofage
  • lgbt
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Silent Platform | A Cell Phone Novel by mrdpression
Silent Platform | A Cell Phone Nov...by ヾ(@⌒▽⌒@)ノ
「 You only realize how important something is when it's gone. 」 Nyoko Koizumi lived most of her life in ease. In perfect calm and peace. With a peaceful background, with...
  • shortstory
  • cpn
  • psychological
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ʙᴇꜱᴛ ғʀɪᴇɴᴅꜱ - 親友「 CPN 」 by ArimaMary
ʙᴇꜱᴛ ғʀɪᴇɴᴅꜱ - 親友「 CPN 」by Mary
‹‹ Slice of Life, Friendship, Sports, Romance ›› Kirishima Keima is a cheerful and gentle boy. Well-liked by his teachers and peers, his carefree smile seems to hide not...
  • tengawara
  • cpn
  • princess
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IGNORANCE [CPN] by chisakiis
two students. one female. one male. from two different schools. they are the only ones who can see each other wondering around their school. too bad they're treated as t...
  • romance
  • cpn
  • cellphonenovel
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ikigai • cellphone novel by starruzzz
ikigai • cellphone novelby S E L L O U T
"Ikigai is the secret to a long and happy life." Uemura Hansuke has lived his life never wanting to get out of bed for anything. The 18 year old boy lives a fa...
  • ikigai
  • romance
  • cpn
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