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Chapter 41 Part I

She guided us to her living room
And we sat on the couches.

"Nice to meet you, Lilia."
She said extending her hand.

She knew my name.

I gulped,
Pushing away my emotions,
I plastered a smile on my face
and took her hand.
"Nice to meet you too, Ms. Krystal Valentine."

She chuckled,
"Call me Krystal."

I kept my smile on.
I was confused.

Why did he being me here?

Was he going to confess?
Was he going to break up with me?

Questions filled my mind.

Ms. Krystal Valentine craned her neck and called out,
"Michael, come greet our guests."

A door behind her opened
And the man walked out.

He looked around 30 years old,
His brown hair was neatly combed back,
His jawline deep,
His dimples showed as he smiled,
Greeting us.

He walked towards the couch gracefully,
Sitting beside Krystal.

No, it can't be.
I thought to myself.

He sat down,
Shifting his body towards Krystal,
While Krystal did the same.


When their bodies touched,
Unable to get closer than they already are,
She wrapped her two arms around the crook of his arm.

That's when I wondered.

She grinned up at him,
He smiled down at her,
And placed a kiss on her forehead.

And thats


I knew.


Chapter 42 Part II

And thats when I knew
That this man was her husband.

I shifted my gaze to look at Shawn,
He gave me a faint, weak smile,
Awkwardness showed on his face.

She cheated on her husband.

Does he know?

He kissed her on her forehand,
And overlaps his free hand on hers.

No, he doesn't.

His eyes that looked at her shined;
It glistened.
And his soft warm smile that he gave her,
There was no doubt that this man loved her.

The way he looked at her
Almost made me pity him even though I was cheated as well.

I felt bad for him.
He doesn't know.

He doesn't know
That she was playing with him
And she was playing around with men other than him.

Tears escalated
At the thought that both of us were cheated on.

That both of us,
Who loved our partner dearly
Didn't receive that same love in return.

Tears filled my eyes,
I was barely holding them back.

Krystal's gaze laid on me,
She noticed.

She noticed my teary eyes
She grinned.

She faults a confidence smile,
The type thats in your face;
Looking down at you.



School started 😭 I'm cryingggggg.

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