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Chapter 38 Part I

We walked together towards the kitchen
To meet our father,
Hand in hand.

Father sat there on his tablet,
The dining table was filled with food.

Father looked up,
He smiled when he saw me,
Then his gaze fell on his son,

Shawn responded.

"I missed you, father."
I said, walking towards him to give him a hug.

Shawn followed,
Removing his hand from mine,
The cold air hits my hand that he held,

I clenched my hand into a fist,
Feeling uncomfortable
From the absence of his warm hands.

I sat down across from father in law
And Shawn sat beside me.

Father in law smiled.
"Happy 24th birthday, Lilia."
He held up his wine glass

I smiled and cheered with him
"Thank you, father."

His eyes laid on Shawn,
"Has my son been treating you well?"

He has always asked this question
Whenever we meet.

I was used to it, and like always I answered.

It wasn't a complete lie.
He's never hurt me intentionally
Nor has he argued with me
Or controlled what I've done.

It might seem like a perfect husband,
Letting his wife have a choice in her life
But to me,

It shows that he doesn't love me enough
To care.


Chapter 38 Part II

I answered.

Father saw my uneasiness
And took another sip of his wine.

Father has always been observant.
"Shawn, you better treat her well.
You owe your life to her."

Like always, he said that.
I never knew the meaning behind his words,
But I figured it was because he got more shares or something business related.

Shawn looked down at his hands,
Then, glanced at me.

"Yes, of course."
He said, sliding his hand to hold mine under the table.

And a blush crept to my cheeks.

The dinner continued on until nine.
We ate until we were full,
But still left a little stomach for the cake.

Father gifted me a gold necklace; golden chain with a letter 'M' charm.
I examined the necklace, turning the charm,
And words, "forget not" were engraved onto the back of the 'M'.

I felt my eyes tear up,
But blinked them away,
And smiled.
"Thank you, father."

He smiled warmly,
"You're my daughter now,
But we will not forget about the Mafillia family
And you should never forget that you are the last remaining

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