The Fox Is In An Consort!? by charisse0987
The Fox Is In An Consort!?by Lazy_Is_My_Middle_Name
Dong Jin's She Zheng Wang had icy, jade-like beauty and peerless talent. It's said his admirers were enough to fill 3 entire cities! Dong Jin's She Zheng Wang was only s...
  • shoujo
  • wattys2018
  • comedy
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Goddess Doctress by Soulizer
Goddess Doctressby Soul
She, the student of the most bloodthirsty martial artist (Shadow) in the upper realm was killed by her teacher's food. Upon arrival in the middle realm after her reinca...
  • martial-arts
  • comedy
  • historicalfiction
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Troubled Villainous Daughter, My Fiancé Won't Stop Approaching Me!? by Kairisei
Troubled Villainous Daughter, My Rien
Title: 悪役令嬢ですが婚約者に迫られすぎて困ってますっ!? Author: 遠野九重 (Touno Kokonoe) The Duke's daughter, Francesca di Rosenthal had gained memories of her previous life. This was an otome gam...
  • fantasy
  • reincarnation
  • japanese
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Changing Peach Hearts (Akashi X OC) by matcha_to_latte
Changing Peach Hearts (Akashi X OC)by hiatus
"I will never leave you alone. That is my promise to you as the student council president, as the captain of our basketball club and as the emperor of your heart. I...
  • kurokonobasket
  • complete
  • seijuro
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You're Still Mine || COMPLETED by jungkook_bts_maknae
You're Still Mine || COMPLETEDby Mrs. Jeon
Highest Ranking: #3 (June 2, 2018) WTF!!!OMG!!!Thank you so much 💕!!! "I've had enough!! I want a divorce!!" you furiously said, Jungkook rolled his eyes and...
  • jeonjungkook
  • jk
  • shoujo
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Outaishihi Ni Nante Naritakunai by Lunaurea
Outaishihi Ni Nante Naritakunaiby Lunaurea A
Other Name: I Don't Want To Be The Queen Genre : Shoujo, Smut, Slice of Life, Fantasy, Mature, Josei Author: Tsukigami Saki Status: Ongoing I am Lidiana, the daugh...
  • wattys2018
  • pastlife
  • shoujo
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I Was Reincarnated as Villainess And a Cripple At Magic!! by yun_yun10
I Was Reincarnated as Villainess yun_yun10
Her life as Hasegawa Ai is something she will not forget. Her kind boyfriend left her and now, She's dead after meeting him and his future wife. Really! She's still mad...
  • fantasy-romance
  • reborn
  • fantasy
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The common sense of a duke's daughter by historiarune97
The common sense of a duke's historiarune97
I was reincarnated as the villain character of an otome game, the daughter of a Duke. However, when I regained my memory, I had already reached my "ending." ...
  • drama
  • fantasy
  • shoujo
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Being The Villainess by charisse0987
Being The Villainessby Lazy_Is_My_Middle_Name
When I noticed, I was a Villainess, Follower B! Huh? Isn't this the world of the game my daughter played before?! Suddenly, I, the Earl's daughter Cosette, regained my m...
  • shoujo
  • slice
  • life
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Reincarnated as the Fated Villain by Palastyn_Chroma
Reincarnated as the Fated Villainby Pchan
It began as the usual flow for a reincarnated story... Aerra believed, as a young girl, that her second life was nothing more than just about legends and prophecies like...
  • shoujo
  • reverseharem
  • magic
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Transmigration of Zhi Ruo by CourtneyKaihe
Transmigration of Zhi Ruoby ♡ S A K U R A ♡
When a expressionless and cautious business lady travels in to a body of stupid, arrogant and man-chasing nobles, what do you think will happen? One mission, a young and...
  • prince
  • cold-protagonist
  • system
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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King's Wife (All Chapters) by CatLovesTowels
Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Neko Neko Neko
Author: Xiao Qi Ye *This Web Novel ISN'T By Me: Credits To The Original Author || OFFLINE PURPOSES ONLY* NOTE: 1 Part = 8 Chapters DESCRIPTION: The previous owner of Mu...
  • martialarts
  • fantasy
  • revenge
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bellyblack king and Medicine princess by chandlerbing197
bellyblack king and Medicine purple night
lisa was a orphan who was abondend by the parents at the birth.she has grown in the orphanage till 15,later started learning chinese medicine as an apprentice for more t...
  • handsomemalelead
  • strongmalelead
  • medicine
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Tensei Reijou wa Shomin no Aji ni Uete Iru by Kitjune
Tensei Reijou wa Shomin no Aji BRUH.
One day, I realized that I, a former Japanese, has reincarnated into a different world as Cristea Ellisfeed, a Duke's daughter. Reincarnation...? Duke's daughter...? A w...
  • transmigration
  • denseprotagonist
  • historical
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Beastly Fēi that Goes Against the Heavens: Coerced by the Huáng Shū by XxJerellaxX
Beastly Fēi that Goes Against Jerella
Story not mine**All Credit goes to author and translator. Authors: Qīng jiǔ shū 卿九书 Translator: RenRen {} Tagged BFGAH, Cnovel, Translat...
  • handsomemalelead
  • companions
  • loveinterests
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Special Alice (Gakuen Alice / Alice Academy FF)  by abreii53
Special Alice (Gakuen Alice / SvtCarrot
Ashikaga Mirai Misaki, a 10 y/o girl. She is from a well-off family and didn't get a chance to make friends since wasn't allowed to go outside of their house. Her mothe...
  • gakuenalice
  • shoujo
  • wattys2018
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Gēmu o hajimeyou by nekomustache
Gēmu o hajimeyouby Neko World Full Of Mustache
A japanese girl who got reincarnate in the otome game, fantasy magic world, as a noble villainess girl name Miria Vivian Neville daughter of the Prime Minister. In this...
  • dense
  • villainess
  • tsunderegirl
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Father, Mother Escaped Again by Kitjune
Father, Mother Escaped Againby BRUH.
Xia Yuqing is a shut-in+fujoshi from the 21st century. After an accident, she transmigrates into the body of a young princess forced into a political marriage to anothe...
  • romance
  • royalty
  • josei
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The King Of Demon Reincarnation(Wattys2018) by charisse0987
The King Of Demon Reincarnation( Lazy_Is_My_Middle_Name
I am the Demon King. ......Or was, in my previous life. Now, I'm a human noble girl known as Rosewood Angelique. My fiance, Heath, has been indifferent to me lately. Jus...
  • reincarnation
  • prince
  • shoujo
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Destruction Flag Otome (By : Yamaguchi Satori) by EunhaZou
Destruction Flag Otome (By : 💐
I recovered my past memories when I was hit on the head by a rock. I am Katarina Claes, the eight year old daughter of the duke. In a feverish nightmare, in which the pr...
  • villainness
  • rich
  • ikemen
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