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❝If I have betrayed you, would you still stay by my side and love me?❞

Chapter 52 Part I

I rushed out the lobby of the company and called for a taxi.
"To the local police station, please."

"Hi, this is the police. Am I speaking to Lilia Sterling?"

"Yes, this is me."
I said with caution.

"Can you come to the police station? There is a man named Edward Cain that saids he knows you." 


"Do you know the man, Mrs. Sterling?"

"Yes, but- what happened?"

"Well, Mr. Cain here was arrested for a break in and entry."

"What? Where?"

"Your home, Mrs. Sterling and he claims to know you personally."


"Yes, I know him. He's like a uncle to me."

"I see. Mrs.Sterling, he will be detained until you come and bail him out. Please come to the police station before 6pm."

"I will, thank you." 


Chapter 52 Part II

The door opened and Mr. Cain walked out the interrogation room.

He sees me first,
"Ms. Maf- Sterling."
He corrected himself.

The police officer followed him out.
"Don't break into the house again, Mr. Cain. That condo's security system and door will take a lot of money to fix."

Mr. Cain laughed.
"Sorry sir, but what can I do?
I really had the urge to pee."

The police officer laughed at Mr. Cain's comment.

No one possibly could have bought his washroom lie but what could they have done besides believe it?

I called a taxi over and when we got inside, I started.
"Mr. Cain, what were you doing breaking into my condo?"

He laughed.
"I needed to pee."

"No one believes that and why were you even there in the first place?"
I deadpan.

His laughed stopped instantly as his lie was seen through.
"Ms. Mafilla, you wouldn't want to know."

His head would turned towards me and his eyes shined through the darkness of the car.
Cold and dead.

I sighed.
"Mr. Cain, when have you ever kept secrets from me?"

His face and eyes softened.
"Sorry, Ms. Mafilla.
It's just- nothing's certain yet so,"

"Just tell me, Ed."
I said.

He gulped and I watched his Adams apple go up then down.
"There's a chance Shawn is apart of everything."

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