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He opened the door.

"Welcome home."
I said with a wide smile.

He glanced up at me,
"You didn't wait for me, did you?"

"No, I just wanted to go to work early." I said, using the same excuse because I didn't want him to worry.
"Did you eat yet? I cooked breakfast."

He glanced at the breakfast on the kitchen table.
"Yeah, I'll eat it later."

"Okay, you're probably tired. Go to bed."

"Do you want a ride to work?"

"It's okay. Go sleep. You worked hard."

He said, taking his shoes off and loosening his tie.

I walked towards him
Helping him take his suit jacket off.

And again
There it was
The smell of alcohol and perfume mix.

It was suffocating;
the smell.

I hanged his suit jacket up,
Quickly took my bag,
Slipped into my heels and walked towards the door

"Be careful on your way to work."
His words was like poison,
It was suffocating.

I didn't respond,
If I did,
He would notice
The crack and hurt
in my voice.

I clenched onto my bag
and left.

It was always
the same perfume.

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