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His strides were long and fast,
making his way across the hallway

Our eyes gazed
As we passed by each other.
My lips slowly stretched into a smile.

My coworker, Rachel smiled,
“Lucky! We saw the President today!”

“Yeah.” I said, smiling at the ground.

He took over his father’s company
And after graduating,
It was to hard finding a job for myself because of my last name.

I now work at his company.
my status is a secret,
my family is a secret
and our relationship is also
a secret.


A familiar voice cheerfully called out to me.
“Want to go grab a drink after work?”

I looked up to notice one of my best friends,

He smiled,
“Rachel, come too.”

“No, it's fine, my brother is coming today.”
Rachel denied.


Jake’s eyes shifted in my direction,
awaiting for my reply.

“I think I am going to just go home.
I have to feed my puppy.”

His brows narrowed,
His eyes tells me,
“You’re lying.”

I smiled, “Sorry!”

“It’s okay.” Jake sighed,
As he has no reason to force me to go.

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