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Chapter 40 Part I

My heart stopped
from the sight of her.

Her eyes that glistened,
Her smile that dazzled,
Her scarlet hair that beautifully fell to her waist.

It was a mesmerizing sight,
She was beautiful in all its glory.

She stood there with her perfect fit figure
By the doorway
Engulfed by her perfume

That same perfume.

My brows narrowed,
And I clenched jaw.

My gaze fell to the ground,
Feeling my tears revving in.

I glanced up at the man I called my husband
And our gaze met.

He gave me a weary smile,
I was unable to decipher the meaning behind his smile.

"Shawn, darling!"
She greeted.


I bit my lower lip from the uneasiness.

Her eyes fell on me.
"This is?"

"My wife."
He answered after noticing I was unable to answer.

She said, surprised, eyeing me from head to toe.
"Come in."
She said, guiding us in.

My feet were glued to the ground,
I didn't want to follow,
I wanted to retreat and walk the opposite way.

A hand fell to my waist,
Preventing me from retreating.

I looked up at him,
He pleaded and I answered by walking into her apartment.


Chapter 40 Part II

The penthouse was spacious,
Big windows to view the beautiful city night lights,
White painted walls
And marble floors,

The place was beautiful;
A dream house


I hated it.

From one thing.

The smell.

The smell of roses mixed with other ingredients.

Though my love for roses would make me fall for this fragrance,

I hated it.

For it was always this perfume.

This perfume
he carried with him home
on nights he didn't come home.

This perfume
That belonged to the women that was loved by

the one



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