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Chapter 34 Part I

"But, Lilia, I was waiting for you."
He said and my heart dropped.

Jake sighed and smiled,
"I think you should go, Lilia."

I felt a little betrayed.

"I think you two should talk it over."
Jake was always the rational one,
Not letting his feelings control him.

I gave in,
I walked to the door and faced Shawn.
"Go first."

He said, reaching out to me but I backed away from his touch.

He flinched and withdrew his hand.

If he touched me so gently, I'd surely fall again.

The way back home was quiet,
He noticed that I wasn't in a mood to talk
And I didn't want to start an argument especially when he was driving.

We reached home,
He opened the door
And held it open for me.

I stepped in,
Taking off my heels
And sat on the living room couch.

He sat on the couch across from me.
His legs spread out,
Bending over to rest his elbow on his thigh,
His hands intertwined.

He exhaled deeply.

"Lilia, I-"
He started but hesitated,
not knowing the correct words to play.

So I played the first move.
"Why did you have someone to follow me?"


Chapter 34 Part II

"Why did you have someone follow me?
Did you not trust me that much?"
I asked
And his facial lines deepened.

"No, Lilia, he was there from the start.
He informs me of your safety, your whereabouts, and your health condition."

From the start?

"How long?"

He hesitated.
"Little over a year ago.
When we were engaged."

That long?

I asked,
Both surprised and frustrated.

His hands that grip together tightened,
His eyes trailed to the ground.
"I'm always busy but I wanted to know how you were doing."

It hindered and thumped.
He cared.

I took my gaze off him,
Shutting my eyes,
I calmed my burning heart.

And reality took over.
"If you cared about me, then why did you cheat on me?"

He threw his head up,
His wide eyes meeting mine,
"Lilia, I didn't."



"Then what were you doing with her at night when you didn't come home for the past 3 months?"



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