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Chapter 50 Part I

I felt a light hit on top of my head.

I flinched from the sudden touch and sound.
I looked behind me and saw Joshua holding a clipboard.

"H-Hey, Joshua."

He looked at me with the corners of his eyes
Before proceeding to look at the files clipped on his clipboard.

I haven't spoken or seen Joshua since that 'meeting.'

"Long time no see, Lilia."
He greeted.

"How's your cold?"
I asked, remembering the reason for his absence.

"It's fine, thanks."
He continued.
"We have a meeting with other leaders and the president in 20 minutes."

"Yeah, I know...."
I trailed off and hesitated.
"About the president,"

"Oh, yeah."
He began.
"The plan was approved.
The president liked your presentation and the idea."

I looked at him with widened eyes.
That wasn't what I was talking about and I'm sure he knew.
He pretended it never happened and he never heard.

I smiled at him.
Thank you, Joshua.

Chapter 50 Part II

My phone rang
as I was making my way to the printing room.

It was a call from John.

I picked up the call.

"Good afternoon, Mrs. Sterling."
John greeted me through the phone.

I smiled,
"I told you you didn't have to be so formal."

He chuckled and asked,
"Lilia, can you to the office?"

"Huh? Oh okay."
I was quite confused.
"I'll head to Shawn's office in a bit."

He corrected me.
"My office and can you come alone?
I have something to ask you."

That's weird.
John has never asked to meet alone
Or has any reason to.

Maybe he just wants to meet.

"Okay, I'll head over once I get my prints done."

"Thank you, Lilia."


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