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Chapter 28 Part I

His gesture,
Eyes that were glued to his papers,
And his smile as he greeted Joshua.

I loved it all.

I looked away and sat down on the chair.
It was rude of me not to greet the President of the company
but I couldn't get myself to smile at him.

Joshua sat beside me
and gave me a
"What the heck?"

John and him sat across from us.
"President Sterling and John, this is Lilia Sterling."
He said gesturing his hand at me, chuckling at the end.
"She has the same last name as you."

I kept my eyes down on the documents.

I felt his gaze on me,

"Yes, it seems so."
I haven't heard his voice for so long.

"Hello, Ms. Sterling."
He extended out his hand.

I hesitated, but shake his hand.
"Nice to meet you, President Sterling."
I said, with my head low, not facing him.

Joshua coughed out a laugh.
"Sorry President. She must be nervous."
He looked at me with a stern look.
"As you can tell, I lost my voice so she will explain an overview of the plan."

I nodded and explained the plan.

"That's all."
I finished up, I was mostly looking at John the whole time.
"Are there any questions?"

His low stern voice cut through the atmosphere.

I gulped from the intensity of his voice.

He leaned back on his chair,
crossing his arms.
"Why are you avoiding me?"


Chapter 28 Part II

"Why are you avoiding me?"
He said.

My eyes widened
And my mouth agape from shock.

I glanced at Joshua in the corner of my eyes
And he wore the same expression I did.

A chuckle came from John
And he immediately took it back.

As I was about to respond,
Joshua who was more surprised than I, 
Took the lead.

He said, both his eyes and mouth wide open.

I gulped and John chuckled again.

"President, Lilia was just nervous that's why she couldn't look at you."
Joshua tried to explain with his cracked voice.

"No, it's not because of that."
Shawn said and John chuckled again.

"I think we should leave."
John said, standing up,
Gesturing Joshua to leave with him.

Shawn kept his gaze on me
And I looked at Joshua with a worried face.

Joshua said, with a more worried face than I.

"I think we should give these love birds some space."
John said and there it was.

That face.
The "what the hell?" face.

I gave him a weary smile,
And John chuckled once more.

"Shawn, I told you you should be kinder to your wife or she'll really leave you."

And that was when my team leader gave me the most indescribable expression ever.

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