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Chapter 54 Part I

I've received a call from Cain
When I finished work.
"I found Victor Ace."

Mr. Cain told me an address
Of where to go.
"Okay, I'll be there in 10 minutes."

I packed my bag
And headed downstairs to catch a taxi.

I closed my eyes and exhaled.

Two Years Ago.

"Long time no see, Ms. Mafilla."
Mr. Cain, my father's secretary
Had wanted to meet with me.

I sat down on the bench by the park.
"I missed you, Mr. Cain."

He gave me a weary smile
As he held my hands.
"Ms. Mafilla,"
He took a pause and I questioned his absent of words.

His sorrow eyes met mine and his lips separated.
His words struck my heart.
"Your father has died in his jail cell."

After, I couldn't hear.
His lips were moving but I couldn't hear anything.

It wasn't right.

This wasn't right.

"Ms. Mafilla."
I snapped back into reality.

"How did he die?
I asked.
"No, he shouldn't have been in there to begin with."

"Ms. Mafilla."
Mr. Cain said with pity
As if I was rejecting reality.

"No, I know my dad.
He may have sealed drugs
But he wasn't a killer."
I said.
"He was too kind to have hurt anyone."


Chapter 54 Part II

"He wasn't a killer."

"Miss, we're here."
The taxi driver stated.

"Thank you."
I said as I handed him a twenty dollar bill and left the car.

I entered an old popular bar.
It was the type of bar that older adults and elderly went to.

I looked through the bar,
Spotting Mr. Cain sitting there at a booth, waving at me.

I walked towards him.
The person sitting across from him was
Victor Ace.

I smiled as I saw him.
"Mr. Ace,"
I said, smiling.

He smiled as he hugged me.
"Ms. Mafilla,"
He said as he sat back down,
Gesturing me to sit as well.
"Or should I say, Ms. Sterling."

I smiled as I sat beside Mr. Cain.
"Doesn't matter."

Victor Ace was my father's right hand man.
He knew everything.
He dealt everything.

He lit a cigarette.
Then offered me one.

I kindly rejected
"Thanks, but I quit smoking."

"And the doctor said I should stop."
Mr. Cain said.

He nodded as he put back the pack of cigar back into his pocket.

I got straight to the point,
Knowing if I was wasting anymore time,
Shawn would find out.

"Who framed my father of murder?"
I bluntly asked.

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