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Chapter 32 Part I

I looked up to Jake's voice that called me.

I said, blushing.
"Sorry and thanks."

He sighed and smiled,
Showing his dimples.

"You hammered? Because I don't want vomit in my car."

I laughed.
"Don't worry, you know I aint lightweight."

Ashley chuckled.
"Is this your boyfriend?"

I smiled.
"No, just a friend."
I gestured to Jake,
"This is Jake."

"Hi, I'm Ashley. Nice to meet you."
She smiled.

"Nice to meet you too, Ashley.
Id love to hang out but it's late and we should get going."
Jake said,
Taking my hand,
"Let's go."

I nodded and waved goodbye to Ashley.

Jake drove me home
And stopped in front of the entrance of the condominium.

"We're here."
Jake said.

"Thanks Jake, for picking me up.
I really appreciate it."
I looked at the entrance door.
I really don't want to go in.

I couldn't face him.
There's a chance that he wasn't even home and that scared me more.

Jake said, noticing I'm not getting out of the car.

I clenched onto my purse.

He exhaled.
"Fought with Shawn?"

I nodded,
Clenching onto my purse even more.

He placed his hand over mine,
Giving me warmth.
"Then, you want to come to my place?"


Chapter 32 Part II

"Then, you want to come to my place?"

The right answer would be 'no'.


He wasn't waiting for me.
He might not even be home
And that wasn't something I want to believe.

No one's waiting for me.

It hurt that it was true.

I slightly nodded,
And he showed me a weak smile,
His eyes worried.

He drove to his apartment and parked in the basement.

The car ride was silent.
The elevator ride was slient.

Knowing me for 4 years,
He knew that I needed my space
At times like these.

He knew.
He always did.

He knew
How to comfort me.

He knew
How to make me laugh.

He knew
When to give me space.

He always did
And I was always grateful to him for that.


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